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@ kilovortex: Indeed. I've been on the receiving end of that dick move multiple times. Not really fun.

Now don't get me wrong, Traumatize is a great card. However, aside from not being very fun for the victim, it also disrupts the game overmuch. With normal mill like Tome Scour or Glimpse the Unthinkable you just count off the top X cards. With Traumatize, the receiving player has to count his library without looking at it or changing the order and then mill X cards.

In practice, more annoying than anything, especially since most players just scoop afterward anyway.
Posted By: Ideatog (7/28/2010 5:10:28 AM)


I absolutely love this card! Best used on one's self followed by living death.
Posted By: Keegan__ (5/22/2009 11:59:50 AM)


i always love playning this on my friends and then hitting them with haunting echoes !!
Posted By: kilovortex (12/30/2009 6:23:02 AM)


Broken mill.
Posted By: land_comment (4/12/2011 11:27:23 AM)


Rather randomly, I just got a Chinese-language copy of this today. My local game store got a cheap box in, and I bought up most of them since I loved Odyssey back in the day. ^_^
Posted By: stygimoloch (6/23/2009 9:43:22 PM)


none of my friends will play with me if they know i have this in a deck...
Posted By: thelittleupsman (8/10/2009 11:34:14 PM)


best card ever, i love this one the most, and it has won me countless amounts of games.
Posted By: FugimSky (8/11/2009 1:39:34 AM)



If you are playing casually, just sort your deck into two piles. Alternate putting the top card of your deck into one pile at a time. Keep in mind the pile you start with, this one will be your deck. The second pile goes to the graveyard. See, if you have an even number of cards, the piles will be equal so it doesn't matter. If you have an odd number, the first pile will be the pile you should end with, hence be the 'rounded up' (one more card) pile making the second the 'rounded down.'

Sounds more complicated than it is, but my friend played Mill in EDH. This method got me through my EDH deck in under a minute. Again, this is a casual thing, since deck order isn't taken into account. If you know the top or bottom order of cards, you probably want to do things the hard way.
Posted By: OmegaSerris (3/31/2012 10:29:02 PM)


Keening Stone
Posted By: Stinga (5/1/2012 6:40:13 PM)


So incredibly broken in like five ways. One of the most hated cards ever.
Posted By: ale86 (7/22/2013 6:25:23 AM)


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