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Hit 'em once, then proliferate as many times as you can. Or, even better, stick a grafted exoskeleton on it!
Posted By: NARFNra (12/28/2010 3:17:50 PM)


The Fallen -> Diseased Vermin -> Lightning Reaver
Posted By: HuntingDrake (11/28/2010 1:20:27 PM)


I have a deck built around this card and effects like mind whip/seizures using reusable fear spells like sleeper's guile and corrupting licid and then wall of shadows and no mercy for defense, works pretty well against enemies that don't run too much creature hate.

also this has the advantage of being a rat, it's going strait into my rat deck when I finally make one.
Posted By: supershawn (3/8/2011 12:12:44 AM)


These can put a huge dent into an opponent if you've got a way to get around their defense.
Posted By: FragNutMK1 (2/25/2010 2:22:26 AM)


Fear through the enchantment, (forget it's name but it does "Creatures you controll have fear."). Or Fear through fear enchantment... or just plain creature removal like black does.. and this can dent life like no other!!! Now.. think this way.. swing with 1, (19) upkeep (18) summon second one, swing with first (17) upkeep (15) swing with both and summon somethin' else, (13) upkeep (5) because both hit.. and four counters = 8 damage.. so turn 5 = five less health? turn 6 death? very aggro able imo...
Posted By: Soriam (6/28/2010 11:57:40 AM)


never heard of it
'til now - and for good reason
it's a p.o.s.
Posted By: DaaNz (3/26/2009 2:31:47 AM)


This card works great with Marrow Gnawer. Gives all of your rats Fear, making it easier to utillize this affect.
Posted By: TwistedTopaz (3/11/2014 1:47:10 PM)


Intimidation / Cover of Darkness
Posted By: applecorn (4/30/2014 1:32:34 AM)


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