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I liked this cycle. not entirely awesome, but a great idea, getting a one-time signet of sorts plus a card for three mana. Good fixer of sorts.
Posted By: Lateralis0ne (5/24/2010 4:34:23 PM)


pretty good card.
Posted By: EnV (2/26/2010 6:20:17 PM)


I just love the art and flavor on these eggs
Posted By: Kryptnyt (3/12/2011 5:39:08 AM)


Yes, Watnik, I do thirst for knowledge, and I discard this card!!!
Posted By: Paolino (1/13/2012 1:29:08 AM)


Part of a five card cycle:
Skycloud Egg
Darkwater Egg <-- You are here.
Shadowblood Egg
Mossfire Egg
Sungrass Egg
Posted By: Gandlodder (5/14/2013 12:03:39 AM)


Works best in decks that can recur their artifacts, eg: Sunny Side Up.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (6/3/2010 1:18:27 AM)


Excellent mana-fixing for 5 color EDH decks. Combo with Salvaging Station :)
Posted By: Earthdawn (6/10/2013 4:53:31 AM)


the artworks on these cards were so amazing, this card in particular I remember cracking and was bedazzled by the art, still wondering why the rules weren't as great.
well since my and my brother played for pleasure and read up on most of the mtg lore, playing this card and soaking in the flavor was half the fun.

Colour fixing and Draw card for 3CMC
Salvaging Station to retrieve this when you sac it and suddenly you have a 2: sac for WhiteBlue & Draw card.

Woah just realised, with "MotM" March of the Machines active this becomes a 1/1 creature, tap saccing would activate the untap condition for Salvaging station allowing you to infinitely salvage this card and sac it, provided there's a Haste Mechanic in play like Concordant Crossroads you can now draw as much cards as you want :)!
Posted By: KMcombine (3/27/2014 11:08:53 AM)