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This card also reads: Tribal Golem has Trample, Haste, First Strike, Flying and Black:regenerate as long as you control a changeling.
Posted By: Snaxme (11/22/2009 12:49:52 PM)


suck it, elves!
Posted By: metalevolence (3/31/2010 2:20:05 PM)


Runed stalactite! GO!!!!!!!!
Posted By: Kurhan (1/25/2010 9:58:31 PM)


Mutavault works fine with this card as well.
Posted By: MagicalSeventh (2/24/2010 9:13:36 AM)


Tribal Golem + runed stalactite = Epic awesomeness!
Posted By: bobylee (5/18/2012 12:47:58 PM)


Aside from changelings, there are:
2 Wizard Soldiers
4 Zombie Soldiers;
3 Goblin Soldiers;
1 Beast Soldier;
19 Zombie Wizards;
5 Goblin Wizards;
3 Zombie Goblins;
8 Zombie Beasts;
and no Wizard Beasts or Goblin Beasts.

So if you want to use this guy in a tribal deck and feel changelings are cheating, your best bet is either soldiers or zombies.
Posted By: syrazemyla (10/27/2012 7:00:24 PM)


Goblin soldiers, goblin wizards, and zombie goblins are all possible. Only if beast was elf instead...there is a goblin elf...
Posted By: MattLynn (12/11/2012 12:39:45 PM)


Not bad tech for a Changeling Deck. There's possibly better, but just one other creature out makes for a 4/4 Flying First Strike Trample Haste Regenerator. Seems alright, if just for funsies.
Posted By: psychichobo (5/29/2013 9:10:27 AM)


Elves aren't on here, because they're representing one tribe per color.
Green is represented with beasts.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (2/8/2011 5:12:42 PM)


This card works well with changelings.
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (7/29/2009 4:56:37 PM)