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Maybe if he was 10/10 it'd be okay.
Posted By: GruesomeGoo (8/18/2010 12:52:36 AM)


Can this guy be comboed with anything? He looks pretty crummy to me as a standalone. 6/6 for 6 with a drawback?
Posted By: Wraique (2/21/2010 12:15:23 AM)


As for combos with other cards, anything that triggers when a "creature attacks and isn't blocked" would love him! Back in the day I used Farrel's Mantle, which was especially nasty because multiple copies of the enchantment will each go off. A few years down the road, we had Ninjitsu. This guy combos with so much!
Posted By: niceguygreensboro (10/23/2010 1:49:35 AM)


This guy was made to work against Circle of Protection tye effects. The keeper and Lim-Dûl's Paladin have similar effects to counter damage prevention. It's kind of a niche thing even back then. I would have played it for 3B or even 2BB but not at CMC 6.
Posted By: lich000 (7/18/2011 8:16:08 AM)


I think it is mostly for mood or atmosphere.
Posted By: Dryten (10/14/2013 12:03:33 PM)


triggering on declaration of blockers is cool, but still he's kinda spendy compared to anything lately...
Posted By: badmofo (6/23/2009 10:54:06 PM)


@Wraique: Fling. That's about all he's good for. And there are still better cards for that.

He makes an okay blocker though. Assuming your opponent doesn't have anything higher than 6/6. But for just that, he's overcosted.
Posted By: lukemol (2/23/2010 8:37:06 PM)


But a creture for 6 Mana, that only 2 Life reduce by an opponent?
Posted By: Sveni1980 (6/12/2009 10:23:57 AM)


Average Rating, 2 stars, and I will debate he is 3 stars easy. First only ONE BLACK in the casting cost. Many decks with new cards nowadays can run prism decks.Sure back in the day this was difficult, but not by any means nowadays in MTG.You can use 5 any color people! And the whole COP:Black, are you fricken kidding me?Life Loss cannot be prevented, it is not damage, it is LIFE LOSS!!!Read your cards and rules please:) In fact this nasty guy was MADE to help counter said PESKY COP DECKS!!! Furthermore, in a well made deck, colorless mana has a way of disappearing. Creatures likeStormscape Familiar, and spells like Helm of Awakeningjust to name a couple. And lets not forget favorites like Sol Ring and Mana Vault to eat through that colorless casting cost. Oh wait this is black, how many Dark Ritual variations are there now?Cabal Ritual, Sacrifice/auto... (see all)
Posted By: Sumai4444 (10/15/2010 9:59:33 PM)


pesky Circles of Protection Black
Posted By: DijitalDijin (3/17/2009 7:33:14 PM)


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