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It seems to me as though it does get around Dreadnought's crippling effect, seeing as it comes in to play face down, where its CIP effect if not able to resolve.
Seems like a worthy use to me.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (2/6/2011 2:35:50 PM)


Does this still allow you to circumvent Dreadnought's CIP effect?
Posted By: Crabotage (6/15/2010 12:55:24 PM)


Tragical that this once beautiful card has been butchered by errata. D=
Posted By: FreakyM (9/19/2009 3:48:37 PM)


Now having to put X mask couters on the card completely defeats the original purpose of X hiding the true casting cost of the creature. Also the online ME3 version has completely different updaed text. Online, the creature comes in as a 2/2, not a 0/1. Also, it gets turned face up when tapped online, which the original card did, but the modern errata here does not include. Wizards needs to get its oracles straight.
Posted By: GainsBanding (8/28/2009 12:54:21 AM)


WTF does "You may choose a creature card in your hand whose mana cost could be paid by some amount of, or all of, the mana you spent on X" mean? That I have to pay for it as normal, or even overpay? Whats the point of that?
Old version made way more sense, although playing infinite creatures for no mana seems a bit OP.
If I understand it correctly, its like playing a surprise blocker/attacker with flash, but telling your opponent you have it in hand first.
Posted By: psyklone (11/24/2009 4:00:43 PM)


The oracle wording is a little confusing, I had to read it a couple times to get it, but it's a pretty awesome card.
Helps Phyrexian Dreadnought and Eater of Days.
Posted By: KokoshoForPresident (6/1/2012 9:20:21 AM)


Say what?

I think the oracle text is actually more confusing
Posted By: CorkBulb (8/22/2012 9:17:34 PM)


"The creature enters the battlefield face down, so none of its "enters the battlefield" abilities will trigger or have any effect. Also none of its "As this enters the battlefield" abilities apply."

Sure enough, you CAN cheat a Dreadnought into play with this card.
Posted By: Arachnos (1/16/2013 10:49:01 AM)


@psyklone: You've always had to pay at least the cost of the creature you were casting, or overpay. Cheating cards into play for free or a discount is not the purpose of this card. Its purpose is to hide what you're doing, so your opponent (hopefully) does not know how to react to it until it's too late. The bit about avoiding enter-the-battlefield triggers is just a side effect.
Posted By: sonorhC (2/2/2013 12:20:30 PM)


2/2 creature is only relevant with things like x2 curse of deaths hold, disfigure, ect. Oddly enough you can enchant the 2/2 face down with vigilance and make them wonder if they should block or not. If it gets through and its a raven guild master ^_^
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (4/16/2013 7:20:28 AM)