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Still better than Sorrow's Path, Wood Elemental, Break Open, and their ilk on the sole fact that at the very least, casting it isn't (usually) detrimental to you. At worst it's just a spell that does practically nothing.

That said, its uses are extremely limited, and I don't know why you wouldn't just play Tormod's Crypt and/or Rakdos Charm if you really wanted to wipe out all lands from someone's graveyard.
Posted By: JasonPaul601 (12/1/2012 9:56:42 PM)


My friend has a Seismic Åssault/land-reanimation deck. In other words, the theme of it is fetching lands, discarding them for damage, and getting them back from the graveyard.

This card doesn't even shut that deck down. Seriously.

What a piece of crap. 0.5/5
Posted By: Kefra (6/18/2010 5:46:43 PM)


I think voting half a star made its rating go up somehow...
Posted By: Keino (12/22/2010 7:46:17 PM)


I love how Wizards even humorously mocks about this card themselves on Collector Protector :D
Posted By: Mode (9/3/2009 8:42:33 AM)


It sure trumped all those pesky "return target land from your graveyard to your hand" cards that ran rampant back in Odyssey block.

Oh wait.
Posted By: allmighty_abacus (9/21/2010 8:30:30 AM)


Hah! Thought you were gonna Worm Harvest buddy?? Think Again!!
Posted By: JWalks82 (1/1/2011 6:43:07 PM)


Has the possibility to give an opponent's Tarmogoyf -1/-1! Broken!
Posted By: faisjdas (2/26/2010 11:36:51 PM)


I supose the nature of Odyssey block means each color needs to have some graveyard-hate, but this just sucks. Having it remove all artifact cards as well would still be in color, as would having it deal damage equal to the number of cards removed.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (2/14/2010 3:34:03 AM)


at least its an instant...
Tarv? TARV?? TARV!!!!!!!!
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/25/2011 10:40:42 AM)


Is it wrong that I have a deck that this utterly hoses?
Posted By: MrPink343 (6/3/2010 12:35:23 AM)


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