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Really should have had "Mad Dog attacks each turn if able."
Posted By: A3Kitsune (9/13/2010 11:41:55 PM)


Looks like someone put cocaine in the dog food
Posted By: BrutalJim (7/20/2009 5:53:27 AM)


Not especially bad, but red has no shortage of either 2/1 or 2/2-with-drawback creatures for two mana, and this does little to distinguish itself against the others.
Posted By: stygimoloch (6/23/2009 11:16:26 PM)


Bears with drawbacks are usually bad, but you have to remember this little puppy is from Odyssey, where graveyards mattered. In that set, being able to just sacrifice your early attacker for Threshold fodder when you no longer need it might be important. Still, not a good card: there are plenty of ways to kill your own creatures without resorting to "Attack with me or I die" as a strategy. And really, you're going to attack into overwhelming power if you want it dead anyway, and might get damage through if your opponent thinks you're up to something, so what's the point?
Posted By: Tevish_Szat (10/15/2010 9:33:58 AM)


Not very good. The text reads wrong, too.
Posted By: land_comment (3/30/2011 4:51:42 AM)


i don't understand the balance of the cards in this hound cycle. why do green and white get 2/2 creatures for 2 with often amazing abilities (wild mongrel) and the other colors have absolutely awful drawbacks? (phantom whelp is possibly one of the worst blue creatures ever)
Posted By: vosrevesrevers (2/21/2010 8:27:40 PM)


This card should be a 20/20. If you don't know what I mean, you haven't truly lived.
Posted By: blindthrall (12/16/2010 3:03:31 AM)


It is only good if your going to attack with it.
Posted By: Progle (8/14/2011 4:36:20 PM)


U mad bro?
Posted By: divine_exodus (10/1/2011 5:35:16 PM)


He wants to bury his bone in your ass.
Posted By: Goatllama (5/23/2012 12:00:12 PM)