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Want to annoy people in EDH?

Oh...you're attacking me? SHUFFLE UP THAT 100 CARD DECK.
Posted By: forumbrowser (6/9/2012 4:38:37 PM)


Looks like Connor MacLeod...with the Kurgan's sword.
Posted By: TheHandyman (5/30/2011 12:16:23 PM)


Enchant it with Freed from the Real to bring out the obnoxious side of UR? (and buff your Cosi's Tricksters)
Posted By: Grumman (4/8/2012 11:30:08 PM)


The greatest magic cards yet to be created are the ones which make seemingly boring cards quite interesting.
Posted By: SarcasmElemental (9/5/2012 10:29:09 PM)


He's good if only for annoying your opponent. Seriously, causing a shuffle every turn - or more, with Freed from the Real - can be pretty aggravating... particularly if there's grease all over the table. Don't even get me started on running him in the 250-card format....
Posted By: Kirbster (12/6/2012 9:27:09 AM)


I could actually see using him next to brainstorms, ponders, against top-deck tutors (it's instant speed.)

The trolling aspect is pretty hilarious, but I do actually think he could have serious implications in vintage sideboard given how many top-deck tutors there are. Then again, no one really uses him.. so I'm guessing I'm an idiot.
Posted By: blurrymadness (5/1/2013 8:53:09 AM)


There's something about his mouth...

Regardless, choosable deck-shuffling makes this creature somewhat better than Soothsaying for when you need to shuffle...
In fact, this is significantly better. RedTap anyone, vs. 3BlueBlue just you: Sure, you could do Soothsaying more than once per turn, but are you going to spend 6BlueBlueBlueBlue just to shuffle your deck twice?
Posted By: Sven_Untgaarde (6/19/2013 7:23:15 AM)


Handcuffs (ref: An old Inquest).
Posted By: JovianHomarid (1/16/2013 1:29:46 AM)


He's Connor MacLeod.

Mandatory in a Highlander deck.
Posted By: BigBer (3/22/2013 2:41:18 PM)


Good against Sensei's Divining Top, but also very good with it: just shuffle away your top three if they're not what you need and try again. Invaluable against top of library tutors of all kinds, as well as for turning your Griptides and the like into removal (and commander tucking to boot). Also works very well with or against anything that reveals anyone's top card (Fun and often game-saving versus Melek, for instance) and with any other scry effects. All in all, an interesting and unique combo piece that compares very well to the much more limited Madblind Mountain.
Posted By: LordRandomness (7/19/2013 4:46:02 PM)


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