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I guess if you made an auratog deck with rancor and spirit loop, he'd be the perfect filler.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (8/23/2010 8:46:04 PM)


Great Card if you use Cruciable of Worlds with it
Posted By: shadowx83 (10/27/2009 11:05:26 PM)


Goes well with Terravore from this block though.
Posted By: eWok87 (6/8/2010 9:50:09 PM)


A 3 mana multicolored 1/2 in W/G is pretty underwhellming. Sure, you could boost its power, but the sacrifices you have to make aren't worth +1/+1. You could make a last minute swing by sacrificing all your lands, but that plan easily backfires.

Unless you need lands or enchantments in your graveyard, I'd skip it.
Posted By: TheSuperbloop (7/2/2010 1:08:41 AM)


Float two mana, sacrifice all your lands to this guy before casting Planar Birth, hopefully triggering massive landfall as well.
Posted By: Prizrak (2/8/2011 12:24:00 AM)


Wtf? There's no way I'd want to sacrifice a land OR an enchantment just for one lousy +1/+1 until the end of the turn..
Posted By: Quang (2/3/2010 11:40:50 PM)


You sir, are no Psychatog. Worthy effort, but... just no. Stop trying.
Posted By: Arachnos (4/16/2012 9:25:24 PM)


Probably the worst atog, or at least second to foratog.
Nevertheless, I think all the atogs are pretty flavorful and fun to build around. For this guy, I suggest a previously mentioned Terravore, Cantivore, or Enchanted Evening is a good one, too.
Posted By: pedrodyl (11/10/2011 3:33:58 PM)


Yep, Planar Birth, Rancor, Spirit Loop, and Aura tog make sense as this guys buddies. Faith's Reward and Second Sunrise comprise other playable/powerful combos with this guy. I'd say a solid 3.5 for combo potenital.
Posted By: blurrymadness (2/25/2013 12:38:30 PM)


The land you want to sacrifice is Riftstone Portal.

The enchantments to sacrifice are Hatching Plans or Rancor. The pump lasts the entire turn, so with Rancor you can just keep replaying it and sacrificing it, until you're satisfied with how big the tog is, and you just let Rancor rest on the tog and go for beats. Of course this takes a bit of {G} to become useful.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (3/10/2013 10:48:08 PM)


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