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Doesn't even need shroud to be good. If your opponent kills it it triggers of it's own kill allowing you to kill one of his permanents. In that case, the card is the same as having red: "an opponent discards a card, destroy one of his permanents, tap some of his lands" which is by itself a fine effect for 3 mana.
Posted By: majinara (11/18/2009 5:04:14 PM)


Works best if you can sneak it into play in response to mass removal spell. For instance, a sacrificed Academy Rector or a Hideaway land.

It's still a good effect on its own.
Posted By: Sarisa_ (3/8/2010 9:02:55 AM)


Karmic Justice is nothing like Karma or Justice.
Posted By: Bouchart (9/26/2009 6:10:24 PM)


This is a pretty nice card, letting you "eye for an eye" when you loose an artifact, land, etc. Only problem is, THIS card will become a prime target for such removal.
Posted By: yojimbojones (8/7/2009 9:42:27 AM)


If only it didn't say noncreature...
Posted By: Dragon_Nut (2/23/2011 6:13:12 AM)


I run two of these along side three Replenishs in my Enchantment/Pegasus deck. I love it when people nuke all my enchantments.
Posted By: mrredhatter (10/5/2009 4:18:19 PM)


If only it had shroud...
Posted By: Designer_Genes (9/23/2009 1:25:51 PM)


Playing Enchantress deck with Sterling Grove and the like, the only fear is a massive enchantment removal. Karmic Justice turn that fear into game ending... for your opponent.
Posted By: Cyberium (11/18/2010 5:47:06 PM)


Used to have two when I started playing. It never triggers, not even once.
Posted By: Gabriel422 (12/1/2010 9:37:37 PM)


Could be nice in an Opalescence deck- until Opalescence hits, that is. Until then it can protect your soon-to-be creatures.
Posted By: Ideatog (3/21/2011 11:25:26 PM)


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