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man, General Varchild is kind of a jerk.
Posted By: KrosanGardener (8/14/2009 12:35:18 AM)


The Stuffy Dolls! "Indestructible martyr" is kind of an oxymoron though.
Posted By: RafiqTheMiststalker (4/22/2010 8:13:54 PM)


Or Phytohydra.
Posted By: McThor (4/30/2010 9:34:53 AM)



Only problem with that little scheme is that Martydom only allows you to redirect damage to creatures you control...so unless you intend on using it to bounce your own creatures back to your hand (allowing you to recast them and use enters the battlefield abilites) it's not really a selective board wipe...
Posted By: tcollins (6/16/2011 7:40:55 AM)



Nope, altheuser is right. Look at the Oracle text again, and you'll notice that Martyrdom's target gains a targeted ability that is free to activate. Horobi also works.
Posted By: Ragamander (12/25/2011 5:20:14 AM)


She is right though....
Posted By: FragNutMK1 (2/25/2010 3:36:14 AM)


Love the story the different artworks tell.
Posted By: NeoKoda (2/25/2012 6:05:46 PM)


You have to think bigger. Check this out.

Use any Redirecting Kor creature, like Warrior en-Kor.

Naturally, you can use Stuffy Doll, but Martyrdom and Stuffy Doll alone does not annihilate someone.

Finally, you need Retromancer.

Step 1) Play Martyrdom on Stuffy Doll or Warrior en-Kor.
Step 2) Tell your Warrior en-Kor to redirect the next one damage from himself to Retromancer.
Step 3) Retromancer retaliates and assigns 3 damage to you.
Step 4) You use Martyrdom and send it to the Martyr'd creature. If it's the en-Kor, tell it to throw it to Stuffy Doll. If it's Stuffy Doll, watch your opponent take 3 damage.
Step 5) ---Step 2
Yes, I made Retromancer broken and yes, when I do this, I cast Cloudshift on my Stuffy Doll and kill the next person which is why I Martyr the en-Kor.
Posted By: EvilKhelso (8/6/2012 11:46:19 PM)


Re-direct Dingus Egg or artifact dmg to a creat?
Posted By: Psychrates (5/3/2013 1:08:30 PM)


Favored Hoplite makes a good martyr.
Posted By: Okuu-chan (10/2/2013 4:41:27 AM)


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