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... Yeah. I think that's the point of the card. Kind of like how Unstable Footing is only good if you're trying to kill your opponent with damage.
Posted By: TDL (9/27/2010 6:32:39 AM)


This belongs in almost every mono-black deck, unless you have some kind of special synergy with Swamps (e.g., Nightmare).

Also, as with everything which sacs lands: Crucible Of Worlds
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (2/10/2011 6:51:29 PM)


maybe one of the few conceivably easy ways to kick sadistic sacrament
Posted By: GooberSnotpants (2/20/2010 11:59:41 PM)


A smart player will always tap the swamp before sacrificing it, so essentially the second ability on this card yields a total of 5 mana. Add a dark ritual to that and you have 7 mana on turn 3. Absolutely ridiculous for black, hell, it would be ridiculous for green too.
Posted By: Lege (10/24/2009 8:54:57 AM)


Only good if you are trying to kill your opponent quickly.
Posted By: Mudbutt_on (1/14/2010 2:00:08 PM)


alliances was like 'alpha' after the crappyness of fallen empires and homelands.
Posted By: gasimakos1 (7/24/2012 1:24:04 AM)



Um, only good if you try to kill your opponent quickly?

I dunno, combining with dark rituals, in a mono black deck you can do decent ramp, which is useful for more than just killing.
Posted By: Travelsonic (8/1/2012 10:21:45 AM)


For hilarity, sac your swamp in response to an LD spell, and use the mana to power a Helldozer to blow up one of their lands.

This card is only good if you want to win.
Posted By: NoIHavent (8/23/2012 3:09:25 PM)


Just so you know my Favorite use for this is a turn 3 Phyrexian Oblitarator and a a Phyrexian negator with the help of a dark ritual.
Posted By: yuyu63 (7/17/2013 3:59:57 PM)


Interestingly it puts out enough mana to fuel Liliana of the Dark Realms who in turn powers this out.

In GWB you can use Flagstones and crop rotation to get this out T1 (grab a godless shrine as a plains and grab this with crops), then you can have BBBBB on T2 if you have another swamp.

Also, If you drop this T3, you can tap *both* of your swamps and sac one, netting you 6 mana T3 without any shenanigans; most people here seem to drop it T2 and then get stuck with 5 mana.
Posted By: blurrymadness (8/1/2013 8:36:04 AM)


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