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Everyone who gave this less than five stars has no idea what they are doing. There isn't really anything that can be said to defend the card. If you don't see why it's good, it probably can't be explained to you, either.
Posted By: Elysiume (8/16/2010 11:58:53 PM)



I completely agree with your statement that the Power 9 are legendary in their own right.

But what the hell is your win condition there? Just curious...since I've seen Power 9 decks in two types: Vault/Key control and Tendrils combo. Do you have anything else to add to that?
Posted By: Lateralis0ne (4/22/2011 4:53:54 PM)


Who downrated this card?
There's no way you could give this card less then five stars.
At least i don't rate cards dependant on whether i like them or not, the rating should be dependant on the playability of the card, at least in my opionion.
And there is no way a card which is part of the power nine cannot be considered being worth full-rated in that manner.
Posted By: Mode (8/24/2009 10:54:34 AM)


A qucik FYI for those who don't know...

Moxes are power people, I've used them all, even before the restricting rules came out. Why are the moxes powerful? well on their own each mox is a boost for speed mana, which is powerful (not broken) what makes them broken is using all 5 in the same deck, plus those newer ones Diamond, Opal and the Chrome.

it's like playing 4 lightning bolts, you draw 1 and bolt the guy he's at 17 (still alot of life) you play another from your opening hand he's at 14, the more bolts the more effective the resault. The same goes for Moxes, when your opening hand is..

Mox Emerald, Any land, Mox Diamond, any other land, Wheel of Fortune, (and 2 whatever cards, could be counterspell and Force of Will)

you drop a land, drop the Emerald, drop the Diamond and ditch a land, tap them play Wheel

You just hosed your opponent, they discard 7 and you both draw 7 new cards. At this point you've only played 2 moxes out of 8 (1 copy of each in the deck plus a ... (see all)
Posted By: Pontiac (3/25/2011 1:43:21 PM)


@pontiac. Petal*
Posted By: Telltalereaper (8/26/2011 2:55:33 PM)


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