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"Alright, the only other creature you have is Emrakul and you're not likely to feed him to the Nantuko Husk, so I'll let your Husk through."
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (9/20/2010 1:45:03 PM)


I like this. Turns one creature that would be fodder into a bunch of creatures to use for fodder.
Posted By: Etregan (5/31/2010 1:48:35 AM)


@rubber: I think you are over-looking the most useful aspect of this card; it makes creatures that can die for you. Black is often looking for ways to profit from the death of its minions, and this card turns a dying creature into fodder for the black arts.
Posted By: SweetZombiJesus (11/11/2010 1:44:50 PM)


Savra, Queen of the Golgari's new best friend.
Posted By: KikiJikiTiki (11/18/2010 9:55:14 PM)


Use to get Delraich out on turn three :)

Aside: I can't rate this on my iPad but 3/5. It has it's uses.
Posted By: Floorsweeper (10/5/2012 9:57:06 PM)


Really awesome card, especially with something like Beastmaster Ascension at the ready. Sadly though, it is kinda outshone by Mercy Killing, although it took about 10 years to trump good ol' Carrion.

On the other hand, if you're really just using it to get rid of your own creature, it is uncounterable, whereas Mercy Killing needs to resolve.
Posted By: Ragamander (2/8/2012 11:34:11 PM)


Carrion my wayword son, there'll be peace when you are done...
Posted By: Kryptnyt (8/14/2010 4:33:28 PM)


MAGGOTS! -The soldier from TF2
Posted By: Maraxas-of-Keld (5/10/2010 11:25:17 AM)


Mercy Killing is strictly better. This... double black symbol, can't kill opponent's creatures, tokens have no power and no useful creature type. I don't like it. Still "saves" a creature and gives tokens that could be used for Overrun, though.
Posted By: rubber (10/17/2009 12:45:32 PM)


Quite good for countering removal, but also consider combos:
-Altars (for mana)
-Carnival of Souls (for mana)
-Dark Triumph (free win condition between creatures to pump and to sac)
-Nantuko husk style creatures (there's a ton of them. It combos in two ways, you can either get loads of creatures after you've pumped husk and attacked, or you can use loads of creatures to pump a husk)
-Blood Artist; now if those tokens die they have a big life-loss problem.
-Might of the masses in G/B, but also consider Run in Jund colors, or any world pump such as Overrun or Garruk Wildspeaker
-Hecatomb likes this and can, due to instant speed + dark ritual, *really* screw up a game. (You splat your 4 power dude, rit into tomb on your turn, use that batch of swamps to eat thei... (see all)
Posted By: blurrymadness (8/2/2013 2:35:32 PM)