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When asking questions about how a card works, I think it's nice when people consult the oracle text first.

Return the top creature card of your graveyard to the battlefield. That creature gains haste until end of turn. Exile it at the beginning of the next end step.

And under rulings we find:

Only exiles the creature if the creature is still on the battlefield at the beginning of the end step.

So, if the targeted creature is in play during any end step (even another player's) the creature is removed from the game. If it's been returned to your hand or put back in the graveyard, it does not get removed from the game.
Posted By: themlsna (7/4/2010 3:58:00 AM)


Easily the key card for turn 1 or turn 2 kill. Doesn't matter what happen at end turn if there is no end of turn anyway!

Turn1 unlimited mana or turn 1 kill combo: Swamp, Dark Ritual, Dark Ritual, Buried Alive, Shallow Grave.

Cards for graveyard, always put Ooze last to pull it:
Put Devoted Druid, Morselhoarder, Necrotic Ooze for unlimited mana of any colors
Put Devoted Druid, Quillspike, Necrotic Ooze and swing for unlimited damage (no trample though). Also grants unlimited green mana.

Just one of the T1 crap legal in legacy!
Posted By: non1337 (11/24/2010 1:06:21 AM)


I'm surprised this hasn't seen more play in the new Reanimator decks running Jin-Gixasias, Core A**kicker.

People tend to play Animate Dead instead, but . Because this is an instant, you can flash in Jin right before their end step, WHAM you've just cast Mind Twist for 1Black. What's not to like?

Shallow Grave is also astonishingly good with Elesh Norn, it lets you use Norn as a board-wiper.

Seriously. Go make a Legacy-legal Reanimator deck with this card. It's amazing.
Posted By: Salient (1/11/2012 4:49:13 PM)


Instant speed reanimating is nothing to laugh it. Because while Blightsteel Colossus and Progenitus never hit the graveyard, Emrakul does, and can be legal target for this.
Posted By: BongRipper420 (10/6/2012 6:22:36 PM)


Entomb, not hard to make it good.
Posted By: thepillow (8/25/2011 10:21:22 PM)


This card is actually really powerful. It can actually get you a first turn win if you go second and you have this, Nicol Bolas, a few Dark Rituals, a Megrim, and a pox (and a swamp of course).

7 from pox, 7 from bolas, and because of his ability megrim will do enough to kill anyone from there.

This is just one example, but its actually a very powerful finisher.
Posted By: VoidedNote (3/20/2010 4:30:11 PM)


Well, it's basically like having unearth one time for your top-of-the-graveyard creature card. It's not that bad.
Posted By: nammertime (12/2/2009 6:37:05 AM)


Does the "remove from game" part still go into affect if you've sacrificed the creature before the end of the turn?
Posted By: Silas77 (1/3/2010 5:28:36 AM)


@ Boakes2047

Actually Blightsteel reads:
"If Blightsteel Colossus would be put into a graveyard from anywhere, reveal Blightsteel Colossus and shuffle it into its owner's library instead."

It never hits the graveyard. So no, you cant use it on blightsteel, same with progenitus.

nublet lol
Posted By: Deter (8/25/2011 12:28:34 PM)


Uhh noob, it means ANY TURN as in it doesnt matter if you phased him out to keep him alive the first time. Any turn that guy is sitting in play, and hasn't left play yet, hes a goner. Same with Zeralin or some of the otehr cards with this effect: they were written to avoid phasing abuse
Posted By: Omenchild (2/9/2010 7:31:24 PM)


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