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normally i don't like reworked art, but richard kane ferguson got the job done here. the man is a machine.
Posted By: gasimakos1 (5/1/2011 8:33:00 PM)


Someone bounced my EDH general with a Teferi's Puzzle Box in play. :(
Posted By: themlsna (1/9/2011 5:51:30 PM)


Great card, the ultimate bounce. 4/5
Posted By: Weretarrasque (9/25/2009 3:28:29 AM)


Has anyone noticed that the card "boomerang" doesn't come back to you? Isn't that somewhat ironic? :P Of course, Wizards rectified this by printing Capsize.
Posted By: Crag-Hack (7/5/2011 12:59:21 AM)


@themisna: You can only move your general to the command zone when your general (1) gets put into your graveyard or (2) gets exiled.

From the official EDH rules (http://mtgcommander.net/rules.php)
If a Commander would be put into a graveyard or exile from anywhere, its owner may choose to move it to the command zone instead. This is a replacement effect; the creature never goes to the graveyard and will not trigger such abilities. Commander will move to the library or hand as normal; only transitions to Exile or the Graveyard may be replaced.

That being said, since it is a casual format, you can probably get your playgroup to expand that rule to cover bouncing and tucking.
Posted By: mpawliuk (8/8/2012 7:55:12 AM)


Whenever an EDH general will move to a zone that isn't the battlefield, you may choose to put it in your command zone. Normally, putting it in your hand would be a better choice (cheaper cast), but if the puzzle box was already in play you should have just moved it to your command zone. Also note that if you have the general in your hand, and you are forced to discard, you may discard your general to the command zone as well.
Posted By: orisiti (7/4/2012 4:31:12 AM)