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Infinite life with Melira, Sylvok Outcast, Phyrexian Altar and a dude with Persist?
Posted By: SirZapdos (6/10/2012 10:47:55 AM)


Pretty sure it's a net for souls.
Posted By: MidgetfaceKillah (7/30/2009 11:15:39 PM)


Guys, it is clearly a net made of souls for souls.
Posted By: Troutz (11/10/2010 9:10:14 PM)


Unless it is then regenerated.
Posted By: berserkberserker (2/13/2010 8:29:34 PM)


i think its a soul make of nets
Posted By: Catmurderer (1/1/2010 12:39:07 PM)


a net made up of souls
Posted By: ttian (3/24/2009 7:29:15 AM)


For massive lifegain shenanigans, combo with R&D's Secret Lair and something that kills a whole lot of creatures.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (8/24/2010 12:16:03 AM)


Yo dawg, I heard you like souls, so we put souls in your soul net so you can net souls while the souls net.
Posted By: marmaris74 (4/8/2012 9:01:55 PM)


Wait, so I pay 1 mana when a creature dies to gain that life?

IF so, I'd probably only really run this if I had to in a deck where I have tons of excess mana, and it really doesn't matter.
Posted By: Travelsonic (6/1/2012 8:02:00 AM)