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Use it on the Germ token that your opponent's Batterskull.

702.24k Phased-out tokens cease to exist as a state-based action.

702.24f When a permanent phases out, any Auras, Equipment, or Fortifications attached to that permanent phase out at the same time. This alternate way of phasing out is known as phasing out "indirectly." An Aura, Equipment, or Fortification that phased out indirectly won't phase in by itself, but instead phases in along with the permanent it's attached to.

702.24b If a permanent phases out, its status changes to "phased out." Except for rules and effects that specifically mention phased-out permanents, a phased-out permanent is treated as though it does not exist. It can't affect or be affected by anything else in the game.

That's right, I didn't just exile your Batterskull... I caused it to no longer exist. For a single blue mana, at instant speed.
Posted By: Zetan (4/21/2013 10:20:01 AM)


If it let you phase out your own creatures it would be much better. At least it's still strictly better than Jump.
Posted By: achilleselbow (8/14/2010 11:39:10 AM)


blue removal with stasis
Posted By: Tezz (8/2/2010 5:30:39 AM)


At worst is cycles itself for U
Posted By: boneclub (11/14/2010 3:03:12 AM)


I love finding undiscovered gems like this card. They sell for about nine cents and match, even sometimes outclass more popular cards. This is like a tiny Cryptic Command for the cost of one.
Posted By: Zoah (2/8/2012 5:44:45 PM)


This is actually quite good. The rules interactions Zetan mentions make this very good against Rancor style enchants or equips on tokens. The flying makes it possible to use this with a non-flying finisher, and it's never a dead card! Which is nice. It's a dead draw sort of, but it replaces itself.
Posted By: blurrymadness (5/31/2013 12:23:47 PM)


Posted By: Jitteryowl (9/23/2013 6:12:06 PM)


I would rather use leap. But then again, this can hose an aura or +1/+! counters.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (11/29/2012 6:17:43 AM)


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