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This card is abusive in multiplayer; and everyone will hate you.
Posted By: Fragskull (11/7/2009 9:56:31 AM)


Haha, this is rude...oh, lookie here, you can take out Locuses, Lairs, and Power-Plants in addition to basic land types XD
Posted By: izzet_guild_mage (2/18/2010 12:08:09 PM)


Step 1: Figure out what your opponent's main lands are
Step 2: Shimmer your lands
Step 3: Armageddon. Obliterate or Apocalypse if you're feeling particularly insane.
Step 4: Proceed to destroy your foe.

Note that you won't be able to play your cleansing spell of choice if it's the color of the lands you phased out. I prefer to play Blue/White, Shimmer Islands, then Armageddon and then Blue him to death.
Posted By: NARFNra (11/21/2010 7:39:17 PM)


Prismatic Omen
Posted By: Superllama12 (2/23/2011 5:07:29 PM)


rules on phasing state that phasing occurs during the untap phase. This makes it so that as long as you can pay your upkeep cost for the stasis their lands will never phase back in... if they play a land you can simply return stasis to your hand and give them one turn with their lands. (maybe you can force them to discard their hand or something before you let them phase everything back in) 5/5
Posted By: __Silence__ (10/17/2011 8:44:38 AM)


Why the hell would you play Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth? You're supposed to choose a land type that your opponent is playing and you're not. Why would you want to make it affect your lands as well?
Posted By: achilleselbow (5/15/2010 8:38:50 PM)


This card was called Mirage during Mirage development. At the time R&D didn't want a card with the same name as the set.
Posted By: WOTC_MikeTurian (1/6/2009 1:36:21 PM)


I guess I might as well state the obvious:
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
Posted By: Wusanderz (11/21/2009 11:58:38 AM)


If you use Urborg and choose Swamps, then they'll only phase out half as often - Since when Urborg is phased out, then all lands are whatever they are regularly. However, using Urborg will get all lands to phase out at once rather than only half of them, since they'll only phase out when Urborg phases out.

Now, if you wanted a U/B deck that screws everyone's land over every turn, use Blanket of Night. Just make sure you have some artifact accel out first.
Posted By: Andon_A (12/28/2010 10:41:46 PM)


"Play this, then, on your next turn play Stasis."

Doesn't seem all that thought through.
Posted By: KarmasPayment (8/17/2010 10:17:44 AM)