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To be able to cast a creature from the graveyard by itself is always fun.
Posted By: Pentavite625 (9/13/2012 7:46:07 AM)


i can't believe no one has commented on this one yet..

i like this card..its one of those abilities that make you think why it hasn't been done before..

i have a friend who uses this in his budget pox deck..

Posted By: zenitramleirdag (9/6/2012 11:30:56 PM)


Combos with Doomgape.
Posted By: AshToMoutHound (9/18/2012 11:59:02 AM)


Use this as fuel for Bone Splinters
Posted By: MechaKraken (10/2/2012 4:38:59 PM)


Insane utility in the Golgari deck! With all the sac effects this card advantage machine just keeps on going. Might mean all your sac effects costs two extra mana, but mostly Golgari will have surplus mana.
Posted By: Hugomanen (10/24/2012 6:59:05 AM)


this card with Thought picker witch is just sick I run this in my E.D.H. to the great disgust of many people.
Posted By: punxskywalker (11/18/2012 7:48:21 PM)


If you use Reassembling Skeletonfor Bone Splinters 's cost,
that would just make a sorcery-speed Murder without counting the card disadvantage of -1.
There must be some better use of this card.
Posted By: Infernaldarkness (11/24/2012 1:29:33 PM)


This is perfect with Bloodflow Connoisseur and a Blade of The Bloodchief!
Posted By: Blasphemale (12/4/2012 12:41:52 PM)


Combos nicely with Butcher of Malakir and any card(s) that sacrifce.
Posted By: Zoroaster85 (1/3/2013 9:23:34 PM)


Ah, the Reassembling Skeleton. *Fistbump* My bro. My next favourite creature after Thrun.

I've been using this little dude as fuel for a sort of pauper's legacy Stax deck while I work on getting some Crucible of Worlds put together. He costs a little mana to wire back together every turn after loading up the Smokestack, so I put in a Black Market and some Blood Artists to cash out on all the dead creatures, with Necropotence and Skullclamp (I'm not a proud man...) for card draw. Victory comes from a massive Exsanguinate fuelled by 10-15 extra {B} from the Black Market. Extra leverage comes from using ol' Skelly with Ashnod's Altar and a Black Market/Blood Artist/Grave Pact, or a Pawn of Ulamog for mana loading and extra sacrifice victims.

There's all sorts of other crazy stuff... (see all)
Posted By: UnusuallyShifty (1/10/2013 10:21:31 AM)