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And the new guildmages start appearing, now in gold and with multicolored abilities!
The first ability looks like the most useful one, allowing a big creature to punch through unhindered. The second ability, if you have the mana for it, looks good for a getting the most out of a creature that's about to be killed - and you may get to scavenge it! The Golgari fit perfectly into the "waste not" philosophy of life.
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (9/6/2012 3:42:50 PM)


Mmm.. the whole Golgari deck is fundsworthy, GreenBlack is my favorite color combo anyway, and this is probably undercosted for all it can do. There are a lot of possibilities for this outside the deck, too: powerful, well supported tribe, easily splashable in two colors, and a token generator. So much for just 2 mana. Great card if you like multiple uses - and who doesn't?
Posted By: Morgaledh (9/14/2012 2:10:55 PM)


Cant wait to use the second ability on a grave troll after a lot more creatures are in my graveyard. Get a lot of saps, dredge him back up (really tempted to swap in a psychotrope thallid for some fun, sac based dredging) and play him bigger.
Posted By: orisiti (9/8/2012 10:49:04 AM)


Interestingly both abilities work against each other. The first ability needs to to have a lot of large creatures while the second ability lets you get rid of them... Both are very GB, but each seems to go into a different deck?
Posted By: Drecon84 (10/1/2012 5:54:52 AM)


The first ability does not need to have large creatures and there's something called a second mainphase.
Posted By: myztikrice (10/13/2012 8:11:38 PM)


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