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Potentially underrated. 30+ creature decks vs Control decks could force your opponent to counter or Wrath you.
Posted By: AlphaNumerical (8/4/2009 2:38:25 PM)


I always wondered if this was any good. Played it today in casual cube, got 8 power to zero a couple times.
Worked well on the draw, hand full of fatties, with a few stall cards to wait out their hand emptying.
Would also amuse me in B/G with discard and a Necropotence effect.
Posted By: HuntingDrake (4/9/2011 4:33:41 PM)


IF you have at least three creatures in hand this is worth it.
Posted By: DeckMechanic (7/12/2012 11:27:34 AM)


The thing I love about cards like this is that they can get really crazy if you build around them. Just a few notes for what could light this up:

Lead the Stampede: 2Green Sorcery;
­     Any number of creatures in the top five cards in your library go to your hand.

Pack Hunt: 3Green Sorcery;
­     "Search your library for up to three cards with the same name as target creature, ..., and put them into your hand."

Ranger of Eos: 3White Creature;
­     "When RoE etb, search your library for up to two creature cards with cmc 1 or less, ..., and put them into your hand."

Signal the Clans: RedGreen Instant;
­     Adds a semi-random creature to your hand, a new favorite instant spell of mine.

As you can see, there's quite a few choices, depending on the direction you'd like to take.

Bit of random trivia: This is on... (see all)
Posted By: BastianQoU (1/8/2014 4:24:32 AM)


group hug EDH time!
Posted By: pedrodyl (8/26/2011 3:14:09 PM)