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While card advantage is card advantage, getting rid of something crucial to deal with, say, early game 2/1s or 1/1s that are no longer all that helpful is quite a tradeoff; especially if you run Wrath, Pyroclasm, Infest, or similar. Note that the second two don't kill this guy.

Also, if you're really desperate for card neutrality; you can use instant speed grave-hate (nihil spellbomb for example) to only kill the arti/enchant; you can even cantrip it if you like.

While this card is, in general, meh; that's kinda the definition of a 3* card. It can be comboed (as above) to actually provide card advantage via the spellbomb (it cantrips and this guy kills a card, netting you one card since you still have your creature and gave the opponent nothing.)
Posted By: blurrymadness (5/2/2013 11:23:57 PM)


1v1, this is a very situational card indeed. But for multiplayer, this is actually pretty cool. Notice that you don't have to destroy an artifact or enchantment owned by the player you returned cards to. So, you can return two cards to one guy you are on friendly terms with, while destroying an enchantment or artifact that is giving you problems, every turn if needed. Also, you are the one that picks which two cards the player gets back, so you don't have to give them their two strongest or anything.

2/5 for 1v1, 4/5 in multiplayer I'd say. I'll give it a 3
Posted By: ProbablyThatGuy (1/2/2012 1:19:20 PM)


Fun EDH card. Not only do you have the multiplayer politics/ gift to one opponent- disenchant another thing going on, but with EDH running long on average, you'll likely have lots of interesting choices of what to pick. "I'll disenchant Player A's Swiftfoot Boots- Player B can have his Collective Voyage and Alliance of Arms back."
Posted By: Ideatog (1/23/2012 8:35:47 PM)


Not too bad, I've got a friend who loves the Ravnica block, and this could really mess with his dredging
Posted By: CommanderCondor89 (6/21/2010 5:04:54 AM)


It's not that incredible, but it can screw over a threshold deck fairly effectively, as long as it has targets.
Posted By: PlayerGreen (5/18/2010 1:34:40 PM)


Great for Group Hug. Otherwise, eh.
Posted By: Shadoflaam (3/13/2012 12:34:23 PM)


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