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I feel a bad moon rising!
Posted By: Ibn_Shisha (6/15/2010 6:47:41 PM)


Just look at that moon. It is SO bad. Like, rawr and stuff...
Posted By: KikiJikiTiki (9/22/2010 9:51:22 PM)


According to CCR, there's a bad moon on the rise.
Posted By: Zetan (9/30/2010 4:59:36 PM)


Great in any black weenie deck - though tribal lords for Zombies or Vampires are generally a better bet.
Posted By: VampireCat (1/5/2011 10:36:49 PM)



Don't go out tonight...it's bound to take your life.

Seriously, though, this is a classic. In the same vein as Crusade, it's always interesting to have an anthem effect that may boost your opponent's guys as well. Often, it's worth the risk, and sometimes, it's just fun to include cards like this in a multiplayer game for hilarious moments. (A 2-Headed Giant with both players running black? 4 of this, please.) It's also rare altogether to see a black anthem that's not tribe-specific, so this card has a lot of versatility. An all-around solid card.

Now, about the art. Some people might vote it down for the silly-looking face on the moon, but I think it adds a ton of character to this card. Other that that little detail, the art is very simple and straightforward, with a nice aesthetic provided by the creepy trees on either side and the silhouette of the mountain range underneath the cloud-covered sky. While those aspects of the art are pleasant,... (see all)
Posted By: nerothewizard (12/19/2012 1:20:39 AM)


My one and only Beta rare. So awesome looking. So utterly black.
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (3/3/2012 2:54:18 PM)



Turn one: Swamp, Dark Ritual, Preist of Gix, Vampire Nighthawk.
Turn two: Swamp, This
Swinging for 3 and 3 in the air on turn two :P
Posted By: MCcreator (2/13/2013 11:40:44 AM)


*HOWLS* that moon does stuff to you huh. it is a goodcard for an old card when any creature could use a bost
Posted By: penguinmage25 (4/20/2011 5:57:33 PM)


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