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People who can't see why this card is good: This is the earliest form of 'reuse cards' for red who often ran out of options by turn 4/5. If your opponent isn't dead by then, you need to hope for good draws or use recycle this

Though time has diminished the strength of this card, its still at least a 4.5/5
Posted By: Paladin85 (9/4/2011 9:46:56 PM)


For everyone downrating, you just aren't getting the point. This card Incinerates at sorcery speed for {R} more. For that {R} and drop in speed, you get a card that can help you win a game that goes longer than your gas can take you. It isn't meant to win the game for you, once you draw it you cease doing anything else but paying 8 mana a turn to deal 3 damage. Instead, it gives you something to do when you have nothing to do or extra mana laying around. Not for when your plans go smoothly and you win on turn 4. Plenty of games saw this cast and never recurred. Oh, but the option is sweet.

The slightly higher cost is for a little back up plan. A useful thing to have in an era where the cards for RDW may not have been as deep as they are now, the best red spells from over 60 sets instead of about 10.
Posted By: RedAtrocitus (3/25/2013 4:04:30 PM)


4.5 for reusable burn.
4.5 for the memories.
Posted By: MrCobweb (7/19/2009 5:17:35 PM)


Gotta love reusable direct damage, won a fair amount of games with this card.
Posted By: themicronaut (6/16/2009 2:24:29 AM)



Posted By: Shadoflaam (5/29/2011 2:28:34 PM)


that's a lot of mana for 3 recurring sorcery damage.
Posted By: Nickkom (12/17/2009 10:15:10 PM)


Braid of Fire to get this thing back every turn.
Posted By: nammertime (12/29/2009 10:58:05 AM)


It was THE red card back when I started... 5 for the pure awesomeness!
Posted By: LeoKula (9/22/2009 12:12:46 PM)


Yea, I remember when this was like $15 and a red staple. Obviously it wouldn't stand a chance now. It goes directly against the logic of most red decks, which is speed and the ability to win by turn 5 or so. This would mainly be good in long, drawn-out games where each player has used up most of their cards. It could perhaps find some use in red/blue control, but the red mana cost makes that difficult.
Posted By: achilleselbow (6/18/2010 2:51:37 PM)


I remember when these were $15 each too. It's strange despite the high mana cost they were still so regularly played. I have used nearly a playset of these in my R/U deck for years and even though I think to myself to replace them (notably with Chain or Ball Lightning) I never do. I run 2 now and yeah, the cost is high but late in the game they can really make a difference. Classic card and great artwork although time hasn't been too kind. 3.5/5
Posted By: limbrooke (2/5/2011 4:08:41 PM)


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