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Join me, and I will make your face the greatest in all of Koridai! Or else you will DIE
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/18/2010 4:52:03 PM)


Cool flavor. Bad-butt Viashino shaman controls dragons. I can imagine him facing off against Niv-Mizzet, secure in his mightiness and brilliance. UNTIL Hivis here dangles something SHINY in front of old Izzy.

True story.
Posted By: KrosanGardener (12/16/2009 6:57:02 PM)


Could be funny with Sarkhan the Mad.
Posted By: Enemy_Tricolor (10/12/2010 8:16:44 PM)


Under-rated in EDH; quite a few players run a dragon or two. Having this guy there can cause all sorts of anguish for your opponents.
Posted By: BuffJittePLZ (1/30/2012 2:14:25 PM)


cool that it's able to control dragons and all, but it just seems way too situational
Posted By: Ninjazilla (6/1/2011 9:30:02 PM)


@ Kryptnyt
Epic great comment
Posted By: Zacklar (7/26/2011 12:10:21 AM)


It'd be cool if your opponent plays Form of the Dragon, you tap Hivis and he acts like Mindslaver, except you can't shoot your opponent with the 5 damage, Ahhh wishful thinking

His name is funny broken up: H.I.V. Is off the Scale !! guess they have a big STD problem on Jamaruu.

Posted By: AnubisIncarnate (4/19/2012 11:55:23 PM)


Hi me!
Posted By: Hivis_of_the_Scale (9/24/2011 7:32:24 PM)


Well, excuuuuuuuse me, Hivis!
Posted By: Goatllama (12/18/2012 12:05:36 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!