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Strictly better than Nintendo, but not quite as powerful as Super Nintendo.
Posted By: Ghengis_John (4/7/2013 1:32:43 AM)


This card runs my main deck. Perfect for a Green/Black combo. Culling the Weak, Dryad Arbor and Shinen cards are just some ideas to use with it. Like Painter's Servant, it opens up many new and interesting combos with cards that would otherwise be rather mediocre.

Of course, don't forget Buried Alive to get it and some nice creatures into your graveyard.

Posted By: Nerobyrne (3/8/2010 5:33:12 AM)


Favorite creature to play with was Eternal Witness.
Might of oaks and rancor on them, and have fun
Posted By: AlBout (7/19/2010 5:19:04 PM)


This guy would still be good even if his ability could only return him to your hand.
Posted By: KikiJikiTiki (5/12/2011 9:46:11 PM)


EDH mono green loves this card

Posted By: _X_ (6/15/2011 8:27:16 AM)


One of the silliest games I've ever seen involved using this guy's ability to return it itself back to play. The sad part was, it worked somehow.
Posted By: Totema (11/8/2011 9:59:42 AM)


Incredible long-range tech. If Genesis stays in your grave, you are going to win eventually. 5/5!
Posted By: True_Mumin (6/17/2009 2:10:12 PM)


I just love how two of my favorite cards ever printed also make one of the best combos.

Get this guy in the graveyard with wild mongrel or something, and then play spore frog...for four mana a turn, you completely shut down your opponents attack.
Posted By: Laguz (8/31/2009 8:17:48 PM)


I love playing this in multiplayer and begging people to kill it. Very definitely more powerful than it should be, but fun enough to make up for it.
Posted By: Claov (11/12/2008 3:04:26 AM)


I am surprised on why not any one mentioned about Liliana of the Veil ??

This card perfectly fits with her. You can discard him into the graveyard and then you can discard any creature in your hand and return it back. This card would go well with discard deck.
Posted By: Ike38 (12/13/2011 2:08:09 PM)


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