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Run with Soraya the Falconer or something else for the +1/+1 effect, and he will always be an "invincible" 1/1.
Posted By: mrredhatter (10/4/2009 7:25:28 AM)


As in additional ruling: If you put aura on Phantom Flock or other creatures with same ability (Phantom Centaur, Phantom Nantuko, Phantom Nomad, Phantom Tiger, Phantom Nishoba) that give them toughness boost (even 1 is enough) then you prevent all damage from them ALL THE TIME and remove +1/+1 counters as long as you can (if you can't you don't remove them but still prevent) so basically they can't be killed from lethal damage as long there is Aura boosting toughness. Only problem is that you have to enchant them real good if you desire good creature. Or not if you need immortal wall. (Deathtouch, lifelink and trample won't work against them.)
Posted By: Hentai (1/30/2010 2:11:57 AM)


Greatlubu: That was the point. A buff is not a +1/+1 counter, therefore, any damage would be prevented to this creature, regardless of the buff's bonus.

Best to run with Honor the Pure or Glorious Anthem.
Posted By: Kataklyzmik (5/14/2010 7:28:17 PM)


Trample would still go through if you're blocking with one of these, even if it's got no counters and is being kept alive by an effect. The attacking creature just has to as.sign as much damage as this has toughness and the rest can go through. It doesn't matter that the damage that gets as.signed to this guy doesn't happen.

But in the absence of trample, give Entangler to this guy while you have Honor of the Pure or something out and you're practically immune to being attacked. If you can give him shroud after that, even better.
Posted By: Artscrafter (8/13/2010 1:37:37 PM)


you still can kill it with killing spells or unpreventable damage even if he hast some boost to toughness
Posted By: Buridan (4/10/2010 1:59:58 PM)


Wrong Mr Red Those are not counters from the falconer just a buff you can only remove it 3 times
Posted By: Greatlubu (12/30/2009 10:31:02 PM)


Very cool and useful in my soldier deck. Im gonna find a playset of these.
Posted By: DespisedIcon (8/9/2010 11:55:52 PM)


Oh god. I just want to put together a deck with each of the "phantom" creatures and a bunch of counter manipulation. That'll mean running green though so honor of the pure won't work. Any suggestions?
Posted By: TPmanW (3/16/2011 10:06:57 AM)


Another card that can benefit greatly from the proliferate mechanic, with cards such as Contagion Clasp.
Posted By: tcollins (7/11/2011 5:11:26 PM)


@TPmanW, maybe Gaea's Anthem or Glorious Anthem are what you want? Or even Leyline of Vitality. And, even better, you can play with counters with Proliferate cards. Also, counter manipulation cards could also have nice interactions with these cards: Pentavus , Ghave, Guru of Spores
Posted By: ninjabear (12/21/2011 8:22:27 AM)


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