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Wow. Guys, this doesn't work how you think it does.

You counter the spell. It gets exiled. You get to cast it from the exile zone.
What happens to an instant or sorcery after it's cast?
It goes to its owner's graveyard.
You don't get infinite free counterspells if you snatch a counterspell with this.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (2/19/2010 2:22:37 PM)


You don't get to keep playing the spell fools. It's played just like it was in your hand.
Posted By: Laguz (3/9/2010 6:21:08 PM)


Spelljack does forget what it countered. It only remembers spells RFG'd by getting countered by Spelljack. If a card was exiled by Leyline of the Void, then Spelljack has no way of knowing that so you can't cast those cards.
Posted By: tenkaze (10/5/2010 8:41:46 AM)


@HuntingDrake That's not how it works either.

When you target a spell with Spelljack...

1. Counter the spell.
2. Instead of going to its owner's graveyard, it's exiled. It remains exiled indefinitely.
3. If the spell exiled by Spelljack is in the exile zone, you may cast it without paying its mana cost. You do not ignore any timing restrictions on the spell. X is 0.
4. When the spell resolves, it's put into its owner's graveyard as normal.

In order for something to override a type timing restriction, it must say "may be cast - as though it were an instant/any time you could cast an instant/as though it had flash". If it doesn't say that, and you want to play an exiled Creature, you have to wait until your turn, during your main phase, while you have priority.
Posted By: djbon2112 (11/29/2010 11:45:02 AM)


This cards art is just horrible.
Posted By: aquariansword (4/15/2011 1:54:49 PM)


"You may play it as though it were in your hand"

Hmm. Phage, the Untouchable, anyone? :3
Posted By: Kaizeischi (2/24/2011 12:41:21 PM)


It's a one shot Guile, for you newer players.

It really is only good for stealing a game winning spell. Like a bomb, or overrun
Posted By: ultratog1028 (8/3/2010 11:05:42 AM)


Can be worth it, or could be too expensive for the spell you get. Good if you jack a Great Whale or similar large spell useful in your deck, overcosted if you jack something small, or something you can't use like an X-spell or Dragonstorm if you have no dragons in your deck.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (2/16/2010 1:34:28 AM)


correct me if i'm wrong but if i have this and a Leyline of the Void i can spam your spell?

i think this might work as it wouldn't go to the graveyard it gets instantly removed from the game again. so unless spelljack "forgets" which spell it countered it would be practically insta win especially if you countered a lightning bolt
Posted By: Amsjex (8/6/2010 2:37:56 PM)


Spelljack a Planar Cleansing and watch your opponent forfeit.
Posted By: Fictionarious (10/16/2009 1:13:59 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!