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Not outdone by Psychic Drain, it works completely different. They are for different decks, drain is for a mill deck, this is an end game mana dump that lets you get rid of their fatty that is coming up in 4 turns and make their next draws all land so they are sitting there top-decking land against a discard deck. Think about the utility in the "You may put them back in any order." It's an AMAZING control card. 4/5
Posted By: OpenSeasonNoobs (5/31/2010 4:51:06 AM)


@XTwistedSoulX and @Bagilis, this card has almost nothing to do with milling. Sure it mills 1 card, but that's not the point.

The point is deciding your opponent's next few draws, and being able to prepare for it.
Posted By: Mudbutt_on (11/29/2010 5:54:28 PM)


I really like it. It's cheap enough and you get to look at your opponets cards and remove one. Simple, efective and it slows them down if run well.

Posted By: PaladinOfSunhome (6/11/2009 3:48:46 AM)


I'd like to know how expensive the fateseal cards will be. This would be a really powerful ability for a keyword.
Posted By: Selez (11/5/2009 9:50:54 PM)


I'm building a Norritt deck with a couple of these, Mundungu, and Guiding Spirit. Terese Nielsen is rapidly becoming my favorite MtG artist. It's as if she was commissioned to illustrate these cards that fit so well together.
Posted By: jetzine (6/5/2010 9:14:29 AM)


Um... Psychic drain insted guys. This was cool in the day but is now outclassed. I know i'm stating the obvious but thats my job.
Posted By: XTwistedsoulX (5/22/2010 6:29:02 PM)


Psychic drain, glimpse of the unthinkable, and the leviathan for BlackBlue which makes that defendant must mill his deck makes this card useless
Posted By: bagilis (8/26/2010 7:48:49 AM)


It does not mill, it exiles, so you can use this in your milldeck to get rid of those cards that shuffle the graveyard into the library if milled.
Posted By: tavaritz (6/21/2011 2:12:01 PM)


Good control card.
And it's NOT necessarily worse than Psychic Drain: just remove the most dangerous card and make your opponent draw useless and expensive cards for some turns and you are safer. Milling a player is not necessarily bad for him or her.
Posted By: Paolino (1/12/2012 1:40:42 AM)


Needs special Deck for it, but then it could be pretty worthwhile :)

For example, something like Thoughtpicker Witch to have permanent control over his Bib. Or the Mill- creatures in blue, don't remember their name right now...

I give it 3/5
Posted By: Buderus (2/7/2012 7:23:15 AM)


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