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What you usually want to do is Paradox Haze your opponent.
Posted By: nibelheim_valesti (5/26/2010 11:16:20 AM)


This card would be really fun to play right after you've cast Topsy Turvy.
Posted By: Beekhead (9/16/2010 1:49:07 PM)


Vigilance Hate.
Posted By: KicktheCAN (1/8/2011 11:08:39 PM)


If you have multiple of these out then all trigger at the beginning of the upkeep and resolve in reverse order. This means that having odd number of these out is just the same as having only one out. Having even number of these out equals Stasis without an upkeep cost.
Posted By: tavaritz (6/22/2011 1:11:23 AM)


Careful use of this card can make it better than Stasis
Posted By: Paladin85 (10/1/2011 12:36:59 AM)


When this card didn't function while tapped, it had a great interaction with Teferi's Realm. Now (as in the past 10 years) that artifacts function all the time, I find have to get my kicks by having as many copies in play as possible and flooding my upkeep with mana. Hooray for Buyback!
Posted By: FencePost (3/19/2009 11:21:13 PM)


+ Eon Hub = no more untapping. Add Kismet/Frozen Aether for lock-down. Then you just wait to draw lands and play your win condition (something with vigilance would be fairly effective).

Oh, @LG: It would not trigger. "At the beginning of your upkeep" is an event.

@MTGFreak: No, it does not trigger after being put into play at the beginning of your upkeep. At the beginning of the upkeep step, all things that trigger at the beginning of your upkeep go onto the stack. If something comes into play after all those triggered abilities go onto the stack, then it has come into play after the only "at the beginning of your upkeep" trigger, and therefore it will not trigger. Of course, there's always Paradox Haze. Heheh, that would be so confusing. And it would make Capsize truly horrifying...
Posted By: Ragamander (4/1/2010 10:49:20 AM)


Fictionarious, the revised Oracle text says "at the beginning of the upkeep", and the untap step doesn't exist. Each turn begins with the beginning of the upkeep (unless it ceases to exist too: Eon Hub), but it's irrelevant to my question: does a Sands of Time that comes into play "at the beginning of the upkeep" (e.g. via Braids, Conjurer Adept) trigger in the same upkeep or only on the next turn's upkeep?
The rules aren't very clear on "the beginning of the upkeep" being a state (a piece of the upkeep) or an event (the transition between whatever comes before, either the draw step or the previous turn or something else, and the upkeep).

My favorite combinations are with Capsize (beyond one Capsize per turn, and it's easy to play 2-3, it's usually game over), Prodigal Sorcerer/Zuran Spellcaster/Reveka, Wizard Savant etc. for creature extermination and ... (see all)
Posted By: LG (11/9/2009 6:00:02 AM)


So, what happens if you have multiple copies of this on the field? I think the effects stack, but I'm not sure of that one.
Posted By: Guest1381794618 (11/23/2010 6:07:57 PM)


The beginning of your upkeep isn't the beginning of your turn, unfortunately. That would be the Untap Step.
Posted By: Fictionarious (10/31/2009 9:38:15 PM)


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