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No. The card (or at least the oracle text) would specify if lands not on the battlefield were effected. See Painter's Servant.
Posted By: Keegan__ (9/14/2009 7:08:45 AM)


Combos well with Kormus Bell and a few Tims.
Posted By: TheHandyman (1/16/2011 5:35:36 PM)


I prefer this + Karma + Circle of Protection : White. :)
Posted By: llirreh (3/11/2011 4:51:15 PM)


I prefer Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth for three reasons:

#1 It's a land, so it can be used on the very first turn and counts itself as a swamp.
#2 It leaves more space for nonland cards that will win you the game.
#3 Lands are generally harder to destroy than enchantments. This isn't always the case, but usually.

Still, it's a good card. I used to use this with Zombie Master until I found Urborg.
Posted By: Necrokeryx (6/1/2011 7:30:13 AM)


I understand that the oracle ruling is supposed to make things simpler, and the oracle text doesn't include the mana-producing clause, but considering that the original text is "each mana-producing land," isn't the ruling "10/4/2004 It can affect lands which do not produce mana" kind of counter-intuitive? Last I checked, oracle rulings weren't actually supposed to change the execution of the card, just fine-tune it.
Posted By: Max_Glycine (7/6/2011 7:21:26 PM)


Pretty much, this card should probably read "Each land with a mana ability is a swamp in addition to it's other types", not to balance it (Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth is a much better alternative, and is fine), but because it most closely matches its lates (and only, accoring to this) official printing.

If you look around gatherer there are plenty of cards where they jumped through rules/semantics hoops to keep the cards funcionally the same.
Posted By: Kurraga (8/21/2011 12:53:02 AM)


Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth ?
Posted By: Demage (1/21/2010 6:00:35 AM)


Simple answer, No.
Posted By: SIlverSkyz (8/13/2010 5:09:45 PM)


Does it count land that is NOT in play? Can you use Korlash's Gradeur ability to get any land from your library to put into play?
Posted By: Coufu (4/22/2009 1:25:41 AM)