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I remember the days back when poison counters were a silly little diversion. Ah, memories...
Posted By: MisterAction (7/11/2011 1:52:28 PM)


I started playing magic during Vision's, and I remember that this was the first creature card I got from a friend who helped me buidl a deck. It was the reason I got hooked on MTG..... when I stopped playing in 2001 (Girls and Skateboarding slowly took over haha) I sold my collection *kicks self* and kept this card as a keep sake because I loved the art so much. Needless to say I was cleaning my room out and stumbled across this card. Three weeks later I've dropped 50 bucks on cards and havn't stopped trying to catch up on everything I missed since I last played. I love this game-
Posted By: DaybreakRanger (2/18/2013 7:29:43 PM)


Evasion and posion counters AND damage. Poison counters are still quite lame though. I LOVE them mechanically and have even built a deck around them. But only having 10 counters means you can't print cards that add more than 3 per swing without breaking them...they are hard to use when they only work with creatures. We need a planwalkers and instants and sorceries that can deal them as extra effects for doing stuff we already love like removal or burn.

If this guy was just a 2/2 evasion for 3 they'd be dead just by damage.
Posted By: kitsunewarlock (10/19/2009 2:26:56 PM)


That's the problem: a poison counter is basically just two damage. Sure, it negates life gain. But that's rarely a significant factor, because life gain is rarely good. When it is good, it's typically tacked on to other effects, (e.g. Kitchen Finks) and so the life gain is a small bonus. Poison counters just aren't worth it, competitively.
Posted By: KrosanGardener (11/18/2009 9:58:20 AM)


If they functionally reprinted this card in New Phyrexia for some strange reason, it wouldn't be too bad in Limited, since it doesn't force you to go Infect, nor does it make you automatically not in it, plus all the pump spells would be great on this thing.

Posted By: ElMikkino (4/5/2011 4:55:02 PM)


ı hate poison counter
Posted By: vadaaaa (7/8/2010 4:00:03 AM)


kitsunewarlock sees Putrefax and keels over in shock.

Then gets trampled by Blightsteel Colossus...
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (2/27/2012 10:05:46 AM)


When poison counters weren't game-breaking. Stupid infect ruined everything.
Posted By: wholelottalove (10/22/2012 9:02:36 AM)


"...a couple drops of LSD, and DMT is gonna make this pork-piggy amazing."
Posted By: car2n (3/14/2014 8:33:44 PM)


@DaybreakRanger: Sounds like our respective MtG careers follow roughly the same curve! I played Ice Age - Tempest, got out for similiar reasons (first year of high school, coincidentally), then got back in during Innistrad. Man they went crazy in the interim...
Posted By: SeriouslyFacetious (3/20/2014 6:27:25 PM)


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