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A cantrip Arrest? For mono-blue control? Yes, please! That is what we in the industry call "sneaky card advantage". What industry? Well wouldn't you like to know?
Posted By: ZestuXIII (4/19/2011 9:10:35 AM)


Mono-blue commander, here I come.
Posted By: Tynansdtm (12/26/2012 9:59:22 PM)


Yay, a cantrip. The few places where this card is worth playing just got better. Please, just run Arrest.
Posted By: Selez (3/6/2010 11:06:56 AM)


Comparing this to Arrest is kinda silly. Sure, it's a 2 CMC mono color enchantment that stops a creature from using its activated abilities, but you'll play them much differently. Arrest can be saved for lategame, when you're facing some worrisome creature that will swing for the kill. This just stops activating abilities and cantrips, which is nice but not really all that threatening.

Still, it's a cheap cantrip that does something useful. 3-3.5, I'd say, probably 3.5.
Posted By: NARFNra (8/21/2013 11:53:29 PM)


Take that, Rhys the Redeemed!

Can anyone think of a better target for this?

Also, reminds me of Spreading Seas in a way.
Posted By: JunkHarvester (2/8/2014 9:15:27 AM)


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