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It is kinda convoluted way to phrase the functionality, but given todays rules about auras it's quite understandable that it must be phrased like this.

You cannot use the old '...as an instant, if you do, bury it at the end of turn.' because instants are put to grave immediately after they have resolved.

Today when you cast an aura you target a permanent it can be attached to and when the aura resolves it becomes an enchantment enchanting that permanent. So you cannot refer to it as the aura when it is a permanent, but you must refer to it as the permanent it became to.

You cannot give it flash because there are other cards that refer cards havinng flash and that would then change this card's functinality.

So you say that it can be cast as though it has flash. Then the actual timing of the casting is used to define if it will be buried at the end of turn.

The existing rules are not very friendly to read, but they are very exact and clear on what they mean.
Posted By: tavaritz (6/22/2011 3:16:14 PM)


This is still good, as it can be used just to counter a spell while letting you cast spells on the creature next turn.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (3/22/2010 9:38:18 PM)


Also, the Veil has a nicer picture.
Posted By: Kirbster (4/25/2011 8:57:21 AM)


For the times when you need to becomes sacrifices.
Posted By: Ferlord (8/30/2013 1:04:20 PM)


I advise playing Alexi's Cloak instead. Pretty much the same except that it has Flash without any drawback.
Posted By: Mode (11/14/2009 4:52:33 AM)


WTF is with the Oracle "clarifying" text?

"You may cast Mystic Veil as though it had flash. If you cast it any time a sorcery couldn't have been cast, the controller of the permanent it becomes sacrifices it at the beginning of the next cleanup step."
Posted By: reapersaurus (5/2/2011 2:37:49 AM)


I don't know why they didn't just errata it to have flash.
Posted By: Lavrant (4/26/2011 9:43:13 AM)


@Mode: the drawback could be that this sticks to the creature when you don't want it to because you may want to target it later.
@ Lavrant: because then it would be Alexi's Cloak and you could tutor for it with Mystical Teachings
Posted By: raptorman333 (4/25/2014 8:26:47 AM)


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