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As others said, this card was severely weakened in the M10 rules change; previously, you could let it deal damage, then phase it out before the damage it took killed it. Now you can't, so it's almost never going to be able to use that 3 power on a creature without dying.

In a pinch you can still use it to block and then phase it out before damage is dealt, though, and the creature it blocked will still be blocked.
Posted By: Aquillion (5/23/2013 5:29:54 PM)


a 3/1 flier that can avoid board sweepers and lets you save your counterspells for other things..... um yeah sign me up. Great for MUC, just don't jump the gun on getting him out too early and have him die the first turn.
Posted By: TheCrazySteve (10/27/2009 12:06:46 PM)


Too bad the M10 change in combat damage stripped her of a lot of power. Now she can't even kill a Raging Goblin.
Posted By: redwinedrummer (7/30/2010 7:36:38 AM)


Phasing her out not only protects her, it also protects any auras that are enchanting her.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (8/19/2010 1:22:41 AM)


If your holding on to the Two or Blue then you can avoid Tim's and anything aimed to knock this out of the air. But the draw back is that will end up geting pretty expensive pretty quickly and will leave you open to attacks from flying creatures.
Posted By: Silverware (8/16/2009 11:03:58 PM)


Sweet art
Posted By: NeverendingDream (8/19/2010 11:09:23 PM)


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Posted By: Oullada (6/22/2009 9:31:19 AM)


more cost effective than mist dragon, but less cool
Posted By: raptorman333 (4/5/2013 8:16:49 AM)


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