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This card is MADE by the fact that it says "You may play cards," not "You may cast spells."

My opponent laughed at me when I exiled a Fortress Cyclops.

He stopped laughing the next turn when I exiled a Mountain.

The turn after, I exiled a Plains and he conceded.

Always attack with him before you play your land for the turn.
Posted By: MisterAction (1/27/2013 5:43:07 PM)


Another gorgeous piece by Min Yum. His steed has a bat-like appearance that I can get behind. This serves a much different function than Vampire Nighthawk which it will probably be compared to, this is a Memory Plunder with wings , and I would argue that this one is much cooler.
Posted By: lorendorky (1/22/2013 4:47:04 PM)


There are many mono-black decks using dual lands just so they can gain access to spells like Engineered Explosives, casting opponent's spells are entirely possible with Nightveil Specter. The only down side is that you cannot be sure whether the card is worthwhile to play.
Posted By: Cyberium (1/23/2013 1:33:16 PM)


For such an easy cast cost I'm rather surprised that his p/t ratio is better than most specters, and his effect is no joke either if you can find a way to generate mana outside Dimir colors. It definitely seems like you are supposed to run this card with Chromatic Lantern or some other multi-color mana source so that you'll be able to play whatever gets exiled.
Posted By: RamenAwesome (8/27/2013 5:11:04 PM)


For awhile I was working on a mill deck that used Chromatic Lantern and Havengul Lich to cast my opponents creatures from the graveyard. This just does such a better job though!

Edit: Devotion paints him in a whole new light, especially if blue or black heavy control decks get an opportunity to shine
Posted By: cotf1692 (9/16/2013 1:47:59 AM)


My favorite part of this card, is taking your opponents land, lol. And the more land I steal, the more chances I have to play the other cards I've exiled using him. I'm thinking I need to complete my play set of these little baddies. Low mana cost, and hybrid mana cost at that, and an awesome effect. And with them finally releasing a blue/black plainswalker, I'm sure the devotion of this card towards blue or black, will give it some time to shine in Theros.
Posted By: Deadling (9/17/2013 3:15:52 PM)


I can't wait to add this to my soon to exist Mono Black devotion deck. Play this on turn 3, bestow it with a turn 4 nighthowler then a turn five Gray Merchant gives a 14 point swing.

And this is before we get into the Abhorrent Overlord or the fun that wi'll come from future unreleased cards
Posted By: Sucal (9/24/2013 1:50:36 AM)


Delicious flavor if you cast Totally Lost before swinging with this.
Posted By: Oniwa (10/2/2013 5:11:45 PM)


Currently the most-played creature in Standard, after players neglected it for almost eight months.
Posted By: Continue (12/8/2013 10:10:00 PM)


And now, the weather.
Posted By: ChippyForever (3/11/2014 2:05:41 AM)


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