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Is it just me, or does he look like a Time Lord in full Galifreyan getups?
Posted By: Mickacabra (2/7/2013 7:03:46 AM)


This might be my favorite card of the set. 2 CMC for a guy that, on his own with no other support, will either demand a removal spell or hose your opponent's best nonland permanent with a chump block. And it's even funnier if your opponent's only removal is in red.

And then of course, you can buff him with enchantments and equipment and make him truly horrifying. Hilarious. 4/5.
Posted By: Enemy_Tricolor (2/19/2013 6:44:10 PM)


Another awesome Orzhov creature, and probably the most useful in any format. I run four of them, and combined with Immortal Servitude and Treasury Thrull, you'll be making a lot of people unhappy when you destroy their planeswalkers if they're dumb enough to attack without pitching a Ghor Clan Rampager.
Posted By: GhostCounselor (4/15/2013 5:47:25 AM)


Hmmmm... Maybe Exalted?
And something like Darksteel Plate, of course.
Posted By: Caithbur (4/29/2013 11:16:47 AM)


This makes for a ridiculous wipeout combo in a B/W cleric deck with Frontline Medic and Pestilence. Add in a couple of Grand Abolishers for extra safety and Battletide Alchemists so it doesn't matter if you leave no blockers. I also run a few Batwing Brumes in case of a large counter-attack.
Posted By: viiviwagner (7/28/2013 12:09:29 PM)


A nice little "must remove" two-drop. Either the opponent misses some combat damage and you get a vindicate or he uses a removal spell. If you build your deck right then they can't remove *everything* but *have* to.

If they're out of removal he's a decent attacker or blocker, depending on the board state. Consider running him next to equipment. The equipment makes him a lethal attacker or blocker and forces either blocking or removal that much sooner.
Posted By: blurrymadness (8/12/2013 2:58:22 PM)


I always read this as 'High Priest of Penzance', then do a double take when I realise this.
Posted By: Citz (8/28/2013 10:02:57 AM)



No, High Priest's ability can't target something with pro black or pro white or pro creatures etc.

While the card does say that YOU may destroy target nonland permanent, that is just saying that the controller of the creature also controls the triggered ability. Since he's still the source of the triggered ability, he wouldn't be able to target something like Blood Baron of Vizkopa.
Posted By: UKenobi (1/5/2014 3:22:34 PM)


Notice him tapping his left index finger.
Posted By: lorendorky (1/22/2013 4:00:02 PM)


Use with Edge of the Divinity or Darksteel Plate
Posted By: flavioal28 (1/22/2013 3:01:18 PM)


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