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I absolutely love the artwork they used for this, now if only I could learn to draw like that.....
Posted By: Syngod (1/23/2013 8:50:49 AM)


Dual color lands accessible to low budget deckbuilding will always get 5/5 from me.
I really love the flavor and art on this one too.
Posted By: deserter (1/25/2013 6:06:37 AM)


Curiously, the highest-rated shocklands in Gatecrash at the moment are Dimir, Gruul, and Boros. However, the two highest-rated gates are this one (Simic) and Orzhov. I wonder why that is...
Posted By: choonchinchinchoon (1/27/2013 11:09:23 PM)


The opening to that gate is quite suggestive....
Posted By: Purplerooster (1/24/2013 5:52:18 PM)


5 stars for having the illest art of any of the gate cards..
Posted By: abcent1 (2/17/2013 6:52:24 PM)


And the Izzet thought their rave-gate was pimpin'. They ain't got nothin' on the Simic!
Posted By: Goatllama (1/22/2013 3:22:34 PM)


This guild smokes DMT methinks.
Posted By: lorendorky (1/22/2013 5:42:26 PM)


Oh man, they're really pushing this gate thing poorly. The connection of the world to the Guildgates has been tenuous at best, in RtR only Armory Guard, Gatecreeper Vine and Ogre Jailbreaker cared about them in any way. Now in Gatecrash, the gate set I guess, we have Crackling Perimeter, Hold the Gates, Greenside Watcher, Gateway shade and Way of the Thief. So the only cards in Gatecrash that care about gates are part of a bland five color cycle. What have we learned about Guildgates? Well, they fix your mana while losing tempo. They... damage opponents, make creatures unblockable, larger, vigilant, able to attack with defender and pump your team. Well, alright, where are our karoos?
Posted By: CapmCrunch (1/26/2013 4:30:21 PM)


As the Izzets like me stare at the gate pondering whether or not lightning would work.
Posted By: WindMasterArceus (1/25/2013 6:43:51 PM)