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"What do you mean that's not what you asked for? You clearly stated you wanted to be more attractive, and now you're a human/frog/lizard. We've effectively tripled your dating pool. Honestly, some people just can't be happy."
-- Speaker Trifon.
Posted By: CORRBentOrgy (1/23/2013 4:49:09 AM)


... on the bright side, we can now have eight Pongifys in a deck at once!
Posted By: Tiggurix (1/22/2013 11:17:21 PM)


What's fun is doing this and then Permafrost Trap or Whiplash Trapping them. The first combo turns a creature into a 3/3 with no abilities and then taps it and something else for two turns, for BlueBlue. The second combo kills one creature outright and bounces another for BlueBlue, as long as they played a creature on that turn. How ridiculous is that?

Playing this kind of combo does ruin your card advantage a bit, though. Then again, you have effectively removed two cards using two cards, so it isn't too bad.
Posted By: RunedServitor (5/14/2013 10:21:23 AM)


So will it be better to use this on the opponent's creature...or your own to trigger Evolve mid-combat?
Posted By: ThinkOriginal (1/22/2013 10:25:43 PM)


Reasons why I like this more than Pongify:

1. Frog Lizard instead of Ape.

That is all
Posted By: Gcrudaplaneswalker (1/24/2013 9:27:16 PM)


Finally. Versatile and hilarious. Great card to have around.
Posted By: LordOfTheFlies87 (1/23/2013 1:24:26 PM)


I would love to see a game where someone used this against a selensya deck, then they populate the 3/3 token.
Posted By: RagingGoblinGrenade (3/24/2013 6:25:12 PM)


Pongify, is that you?
Posted By: ChildOfPrometheus (7/24/2013 11:37:19 PM)


I have used this far more on my creatures than an opponent's. A 3/3 on turn 2 is good for blue normally. Combine with young wolf and cloudfin raptor to get a 2/2, 3/3, and a 3/4 flier that can attack on turn 2. If the opponent does get a creature worth using this on then it usually isn't too hard to with a bounce spell. Also have used this to "remove" pacifism on a 2/2 before. 4.5/5 for versatility and utility.
Posted By: Kanra777 (1/26/2014 8:58:48 PM)


This, Omnibian, and Turn to Frog.

"I'm not sure what my win condition is, but now you're playing a frog deck! Muahahaha!"

Now all we need is something like:

Hypnotoad, Tyrant of Pond 3UG
Legendary Creature - Frog Avatar
When CARDNAME enters the battlefield, gain control of all frogs.

C'mon Wizards! We're so close!
Posted By: Taudisban (1/25/2013 1:35:20 PM)