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Buff when you need it, beef when you don't. I like it! By the time you cast this monster in Gruul, you should have plenty of lands out. Probably more than 6 with some of their handy tricks.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (1/23/2013 9:04:51 PM)


Lols, a creature this is a non-bo with ramp via elves, but is a growing threat with late ramp such as Boundless Realms.
Posted By: Purplerooster (1/24/2013 10:31:11 AM)


Oh hey there Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer, I almost didn't see you there. You've dyed your hair red I see. Oh and traded in Trample for a more cooperative mechanic, not a bad trade. And you've dropped 1 off your CMC. I like it, it looks slimming on you.
Posted By: Flyheight (1/23/2013 1:48:33 PM)


Oh look another overcosted prerelease/intro deck foil. What a surprise.
Posted By: pedrodyl (1/23/2013 12:50:16 PM)


Raymond Swanland knocks it out of the park. A dope card but another victim of it's cmc being one too high. Animating a land with Skarrg Guildmage then bloodrushing this onto it seems like a blowout.
Posted By: lorendorky (1/23/2013 4:02:59 AM)


I really feel like this guy could cost three.
Posted By: badmalloc (1/23/2013 7:49:46 PM)


You have Skarrg Guildmage to give trample to this guy... You have to think about what colors this guy is before saying "EHMAGERD, DIS ONES EQULZ OVER COZTEDZ!"...

He's green, incase no one noticed... So play this guys turn 4 when you have two extra lands out already. And then turn 8 when you've got 10 lands out, give your unblocked attacker +10/+10 for the win...

Then you have to consider Domri Rade, who can put this guy into your hand and also give everything you control trample... I mean seriously guys, do i have to remind you that Rubblehulk is a GREEN card a second time??

If this creature costed 3, he would be out turn 2 and would be worse than evolve creatures early game. He is cost appropriate for his color wheel, and that is a fact. use your brains to think of ways to make a card this good work in a deck and it will do work son.
Posted By: Vakyoom (1/24/2013 7:56:27 PM)


@badmalloc: It does cost three.
Yes guys, I agree that this isn't a great creature but it is an awesome Bloodrush card: late game it will give a massive boost and leave enough mana to do other things like give your target trample with Skarrg Guildmage or Ghor-Clan Rampager. Only use this as a creature when you just need a beefy blocker or attacker.
Posted By: Leonin_Kha_Cameron (1/23/2013 8:54:42 PM)


That card looks bland and janky. Oh well, it's a Promo.
To bad we don't get good Promos anymore these days.

It doesn't even has trample.
Posted By: Vividice (1/24/2013 9:48:17 AM)


Agreed. At least 2RedGreen if not 1RedGreen.
It's because of Dungrove Elder.
In most circumstances, both creatures will have their stats increasing at the same rate. We're just trading Hexproof for Bloodrush.
Posted By: Blackworm_Bloodworm (1/24/2013 5:27:00 PM)


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