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Much better than the current 2.5 rating. And sillier, too

Notice he doesn't care who controls the dead creature. Once your deathtouchie rats start pouring in, he's bound to make more
Posted By: ThisisSakon (1/22/2013 4:14:29 PM)


This is Ratcatcher's nephew.
Posted By: lorendorky (1/22/2013 5:03:14 PM)


This plus Undercity Informant and Mortus Strider could make a lot of tokens.
Posted By: ImeanReally (1/22/2013 7:52:48 PM)


rat tribal is starting to get really good
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (1/22/2013 9:16:08 PM)


Holy Teysa EDH batman!
Posted By: Augustin_V (1/24/2013 5:47:17 PM)


Lots of fun to play after a Pandemonium. "You guys get Damnation, I get a pack of rats."
Posted By: Lash_of_Dragonbreath (2/6/2013 10:10:30 AM)


Ridiculous combo with Jinxed Idol.
First, get your Slumlord out.
Then, get a sacrifice to feed it (ideally a rat, if possible)
Your opponent gets it, if he doesn't want to take the damage, he can sacrifice something to give you a rat...
Which you just sacrifice back to him, or keep for the deathtouch to block, or just sac something else.

This is great in just 1v1, but in multiplayer it's even better.
Sometimes, they just give up and give it to each other, netting you a bunch of rats.
Posted By: Mistralis (2/28/2013 6:04:44 PM)


combo with Gruul Ragebeast
Posted By: Nooble (1/23/2013 9:03:41 AM)


Yeah Rat Tribal is a deck I'm looking forward to making. Ravenous Rats with Deathtouch makes a 2 drop 1/1 even better. You can run some serious yard hate with Crypt Incursion and Cremate, or if you splash some Red Rakdos Charm will do the Trick. Drain Pipe Vermin and Ravvies alone are enough to make your opponent pull out their hair when they realize that they're going to chuck their whole hand and lose anything they attack with only to have 1 Rat token with Deathtouch come into play for both their own dead attacker and the sad sack Ravvy or DPV that chump blocked their sorry attempt at an offense. God its brutal... love it.
Posted By: SlipperyDevil (9/18/2013 9:10:21 PM)


I love lords that aren't the creature type of what they power up.
Posted By: Purplerooster (1/24/2013 9:27:50 AM)