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@L00fah: The trigger is "Whenever you tap a Swamp for mana." Caves of Koilos is not a swamp. Obviously Swamp is a swamp, but there are only a handful of other lands which are also swamps: Godless Shrine, Blood Crypt, Overgrown Tomb, Watery Grave, Badlands, Bayou, Scrubland, Snow-Covered Swamp, and Leechridden Swamp. The trick is to see if it says "Swamp" in the type line; other non-basic lands that produce black mana (such as Caves of Koilos, Orzhov Guildgate, Dragonskull Summit etc) are not swamps even though they produce black mana.

Note that Crypt Ghast's ability triggers even if the mana you tap for isn't black; you could tap a Watery Grave for blue mana and still get the extra black from the Ghast.

Also, if a... (see all)
Posted By: adrian.malacoda (4/26/2013 2:42:15 AM)


Oh yeah, Iname, Death Aspect EDH
Posted By: pedrodyl (7/8/2013 12:14:53 AM)



Have no fear, you can use extort cards in mono-black EDH since the white mana is part of the reminder text, which has no effect on color identity. Yay!
Posted By: marmaris74 (1/22/2013 4:01:39 PM)


So we have Crypt Creeper and Crypt Ghast...what's next, Crypt Skeleton? Crypt Herobrine? ;)

Also, amazing synergy with Realmwright. Turns your basics into the old Ravnica block karoo lands!
Posted By: SyntheticDreamer (1/23/2013 8:36:13 PM)


This card CAN be used in mono black EDH, and here's why:

903.4. The Commander variant uses color identity to determine what cards can be in a deck with a certain commander. The color identity of a card is the color or colors of any mana symbols in that card’s mana cost or rules text, plus any colors defined by its characteristic-defining abilities (see rule 604.3) or color indicator (see rule 204)

903.4b Reminder text is ignored when determining a card’s color identity. See rule 207.2.
Posted By: BongRipper420 (1/23/2013 1:27:06 AM)


The most obvious interaction with this is to play Army of the Damned. Your dream of making 26 zombies will come true.
Posted By: RiftenBlack (1/23/2013 1:13:09 AM)


Don't forget that the B/X shocklands are considered swamps so even if you tap Godless Shrine for (W), you still get a free (B) since you tapped a "swamp".

Great card for any extort or even any B/X deck that wants to ramp faster. This card will see lots of play imo.
Posted By: Vakyoom (1/23/2013 4:47:02 AM)


Turn 5 Sorin's Vengeance with mana left over for Extort. With no other ramp. That's.... horrifying.
Posted By: rollinsclone (1/23/2013 9:46:25 PM)


I would put this on the same level as Oracle of Mul Daya and they would actually be bonkers in the same deck.
Posted By: lorendorky (1/22/2013 3:23:12 PM)


So good! An works wonders with things like Prismatic Omen, Realmwright, and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth.
Posted By: Redgurr (1/22/2013 5:12:46 PM)