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Obviously a powerful card. I agree this feels a little thrown together. It seems that there are more and more cards that wizards is saying "This is eating up standard, we need a counter". While it's great that they are trying to keep the metagame running well (and as a whole I am nearly always astounded at how good wizards is at integrating balance with flavor, etc.), this seems weird. Either ability would be good. 3 CMC for a 3/3 with abilities like that seems a tad overpowered.

Also, it seems to break New World Order since it's not intuitive why the card works that way. It is a rare, but it seems like a card made to answer two specific problems (1.Boros gets blocked with Battalion, which has to happen because CMC, ability, and P/T need to be balanced. 2. All the decks using X spells). This just seems to be weird because you would throw this card in as an answer, but it's not a sideboard card because it's so powerful.

Great card. 3.5 because balance and design misstep.
Sorry Wizar... (see all)
Posted By: KvotheBloodless (5/6/2013 11:15:08 PM)


Really, I have to say that I love the art in this card. It is just plain awesome and it stirs a strange sense of motivation I suppose. That, I think is a hallmark of just how stirringly fantastic this card is. The excellent creature around it certainly doesn't hurt either. Flavor homerun here. 4.5/5
Posted By: DritzD27 (7/19/2013 4:42:33 AM)


"Opponent's drawing cards and gaining life? Tell my wife I love her."
Posted By: SirZapdos (9/25/2013 7:55:29 AM)


SirZapdos: My friend at FNM said the exact same thing. I have to say i nearly died laughing
Posted By: moonmist103 (9/29/2013 2:02:29 PM)


No bonfires for you.
Posted By: Totema (1/22/2013 6:06:24 PM)


Hoses Sphinx's Revelation, Bonfire of the Damned, Rakdos's Return, Aurelia's Fury, Biomass Mutation, Mind Grind, Immortal Servitude, Clan Defiance, you name it. And that's only in standard
Posted By: flavioal28 (1/22/2013 11:30:16 PM)


Removal dies to him.
Posted By: SyntheticDreamer (1/22/2013 10:03:28 PM)


I'm not going to talk about effectiveness - I think that's already been covered, but I'm as vorthos as the rest of the naysayers and I say his flavor is beautiful.

First thing you guys are missing is that he's not just a medic, he's a combat medic. He specializes in patching and stitching right there on the frontline. This means several things.

A) He's going to be much better at doing his work in combat - the battalion trigger is a perfect reflection of that.

B) He needs to be tough. He's a soldier wandering around on a battlefield. What if someone he needs to heal is currently under and ogre? He needs to deal with the ogre first. 3/3 - not unkillable, hardly the best soldier on the field but still a solid attacker.

Why indestructible? Healers have traditionally prevented damage as an easy way of representing damage that would have killed them going away. Frontline medic just takes this to an extreme I think suitable for a dedicated Boros army. He prevents all damage and destroy ef... (see all)
Posted By: Cloudchaser.Kestrel (4/16/2013 2:58:42 PM)


Broken? I don't entirely so. He doesn't make blockers indestructible and the attackers do not become unblockable. The indestructability goes away as soon as your turn ends. The sacrifice ability doesn't make sense, yes, but I don't consider this completely broken.

However, if you do want to break it, pair this up with two Vampire Nighthawks and just swing every turn. It works all the time.
Posted By: GhostCounselor (5/7/2013 7:06:26 AM)


This guy's medigun can ubercharge everyone! :D
Posted By: Villainous1 (1/23/2013 9:07:08 AM)