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A nice take on Kismet that completely hoses haste, and still has some utility if drawn late. Also, amazing flavor for the Church of Deals, and great art to boot.
Posted By: Equinox523 (2/13/2013 12:29:58 PM)


This card is disgusting.

RDW's? Not anymore.

U/W flash? No more block tricks.

Various other aggro decks have hasty creatures to speed them along early game.

The extort is going to do so much work the longer this enchantment sticks around. I'll be using three or four main board.

P.S. 'dat art. 5/5.
Posted By: Soineanta (1/25/2013 10:49:07 AM)


If you play this with Azorius, flavor wise, that is like having a Good Cop/Bad Cop deck. I shall call it
"Lethal Weapon 60"
Posted By: Hussalo (6/23/2013 12:38:03 PM)


Your Archwing Dragon used to be a pain in my butt.
NOW let's see how it fares!!!
Posted By: Odee (2/13/2013 12:08:45 AM)


This isn't anti-aggro. This is pro-aggro. The thing this is anti towards is haste. Still anti-haste is something that could easily be good enough with several relevant cards all being hasty.
Posted By: .Blaze. (1/24/2013 1:20:03 AM)


Thank god - a mana cheap card that tells Kiki-Jiki and Restoration Angel to go canoodle somewhere else. Given how effective Kiki is in Modern, I could easily see this making the sideboards of a lot of competitive decks.
Posted By: lonedonkey (2/3/2013 4:56:29 AM)


Such a well constructed card. Great effect, and one of the best thing about it is if you're running 4 copies, is not necessarily redundant and you could actually use the other copies for the extort mechanic rather than have a good effect that does not help if you draw multiple copies. And for those who don't get the card's flavor:

The creatures coming into play tapped represents them bowing to you, "blindly obeying to you" so to speak, just as the man is in the picture. They don't have the choice to come into play tapped, they just do. I hope that helps.

Anyway, great card, will def look to make a deck around this card in modern with Luminarch Ascension and cheap spells to abuse the extort mechanic.
Posted By: Agrising (2/11/2013 3:35:54 PM)


I use this card in a way I probably shouldn't in my WhiteBlueBlack control deck, which is to disable opponent's creatures for one turn before I use Pacifism- or Oblivion Ring-style effects, kill spells or permanent tap abilities such as Dungeon Geists. It works pretty well, even if it doesn't affect anything other than blocking and haste.

True, but the White or Black symbol is in the reminder text, so it isn't used when determining colour identity- it can be used in any commander deck including White, even if Black isn't allowed. The same goes for the other extort cards- it's only activated abilities and casting cost that determines colour.
Posted By: SolomonRedfang (7/25/2013 1:27:38 AM)


Royal Assassin's job is much easier when performed on groveling supplicants.
Posted By: lorendorky (1/22/2013 2:52:18 PM)


Awesome card. Will see some play. Pretty much a W/B Urabrask the Hidden that costs less AND is at rare. Wow. WOTC you did a great job with Orzhov this time around.
Posted By: mpitcock (1/25/2013 6:33:14 PM)


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