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"It's a FISH-CRAB for God's sake!" :D
Being able to evolve guys at instant speed will be vury good, plus this guy will be a 3/2 for 2 by the time he attacks.
Posted By: Khazuki (1/23/2013 8:24:34 PM)


Yeah, I'll pass turn. Gee. Look at all these cards in my hand. Be a shame if your spell got countered. Reeeaaall shame. Not going to cast anything this turn? You sure? Well, okay. Not a bad idea.



Oh yeah at the end of your turn EVOLVING FISH CRAB.
Posted By: Enemy_Tricolor (2/8/2013 9:38:03 PM)


...DuunDUN, DuunDUN

WAIT, WAIT WAIT. Fish Crab? Oh wow, this is in my Top Ten Commons of the set for personality alone.
Posted By: Splizer (3/10/2013 5:32:19 PM)


This guy is actually pretty good. Oh, and its a FISH CRAB. Simic wins all day for subtypes.
Posted By: Frenzy13 (2/2/2013 7:16:03 PM)


@ Nessus
I don't think that would work, while the trigger would indeed go on the stack, the trigger actually checks the creature's power and toughness before resolving, so it would still only get 1 counter. It's the same thing as having multiple creatures enter the battlefield at once.
Posted By: cotf1692 (2/17/2013 4:03:27 PM)


Flash really makes this guy. He can be removal, evade removal, trigger evolve during combat, and get fat. Really fits the Simic theme of adaptation. Shows how a simple design can fill so many functions for deck building. Probably not tournament constructed worthy, but a super fun casual card none the less.
Posted By: alzabo (5/21/2013 10:22:55 AM)


An obese, four legged, hammerhead shark with a sword and trident. Your argument is invalid.
Posted By: Secksee (6/14/2013 4:03:50 AM)


I got to thinking, how could this pot-bellied, crab-legged, thing have flash? how could he move that fast?

It has to be his hammerhead, thats really aerodynamic.
Posted By: WannabeJedi1337 (1/23/2013 12:29:46 AM)


This is the closest thing to a shark that we've got in almost 15 years* - see Hammerhead Shark for its long-lost ancestor! (funny that it's the same KIND of shark, too)

This guy makes me nervous. I've got a bad feeling about running into these at the prerelease. I can't deny that I like the cut of its jib, though - seems quite solid.

*Note that I don't count Gravelgill Axeshark - very definitely not a fish.
Posted By: Leshrac_Nightwalker (1/24/2013 8:47:41 AM)


This thing has Flash?

Shambleshark, the Scramble Shark!
Posted By: Salient (1/25/2013 7:07:42 AM)