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Also a key card in low land count (8-11) Stompy decks.
Posted By: Sarisa_ (3/10/2010 5:00:22 AM)


@ Snaxme You can only activate its ability once per turn. Tap the scout to drop a land into play, return the land, untap to play again, but it ends there due to its restrictions of once per turn. Still 2 land drops off a basic land, but not infinite.
Posted By: Guest2125211648 (6/28/2010 6:44:21 PM)


Try with Winter Orb ;) Better combos!!!

And Birds of Paradise..
Posted By: DELON (3/4/2010 3:18:59 PM)


I smell stasis combo's
Posted By: thaviel (4/15/2009 5:38:00 PM)


Really good for combo decks, expecially in elves-decks, maybe others. Yeah. Not so bad, really good.
Posted By: Emross (6/2/2009 5:42:11 AM)


Created to break a Stasis lock. Does it's job, even with Kismet on the field. Green was the color best enabled to deal with Stasis in this part of Magic's history.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (2/15/2010 6:44:05 AM)


This is where Kes from Star Trek Voyager went after she left the show.

Rofellos is her Boyfriend, she also switch hits with Priest and is known to be free spirited with a certain Druid.
Posted By: Pontiac (3/26/2011 10:01:58 AM)


coöperates well with Priest of titania
Posted By: Juhanix (10/22/2010 5:51:57 AM)


Ummm... Snaxme, it's only once per turn. I guess it's infinite in that you can do it every turn, but you can't make Steppe Lynx a 10000/10001, for example.

Also try with Skyshroud Ranger which isn't at instant speed like Sakura-Tribe Scout, but is an elf, promoting tribal synergy.
Posted By: Ideatog (4/1/2011 10:27:29 AM)


WIth a Sakura-Tribe Scout, it's an infinite Landfall combo. Have fun! xD
Posted By: Snaxme (3/20/2010 12:50:38 PM)