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It may be considered worse than oblivion ring or even path to nowhere, but it is a 1/3 creature. This card was probably meant to be flickered with soulshift, conjurer's closet, etc. It gets rid of a single creature and gets you a creature that can block or attack. Sure, it dies to removal spells like doom blade or lightning bolt, but it gets rid of a removal and/or a creature. Realize that they could have blocked with this creature and you can swing in with one less creature to worry about. It is basically two spells in one.
Posted By: Ragebarbarian (3/15/2013 5:54:54 PM)


The Flavor of this creature for Sorin's Deck is rivaled only by the flavor of Undead Slayer. This being the Innistrad-version of that, this is a good choice for the deck. Striking a careful balance of Human, Spirit, and Vampire Tribal nods or actual support is difficult to do, but gets you Great Vorthos Props if you build a Sorin deck carefully enough. :)
Posted By: DarthParallax (3/20/2013 2:27:00 PM)


Oblivion Ring on a Grizzly Bear body will never get old...
Posted By: Arachobia (3/15/2013 7:04:51 AM)


what do you think of this combo?
cast a champion of the parish then cast a fiend hunter and target an opposing creature,then a second fiend hunter and exile the first one (returning the opposing creature).then a third fiend hunter and exile your second one,return your first and exile the third return the second and exile the first..... this way the champion of parish can get infinite +1/+1 counters.or if you cant stop this loop(because there is no creature on your opponents battlefield) just end the duel with a Draw. some tutoring is required to make it work.
Posted By: kronos1225 (4/16/2013 10:14:31 AM)


you can end the loop anytime you want "(...) you MAY exile (...)". Other than that it works just as you said.
Posted By: whitecow (4/22/2013 2:25:26 PM)


Is it just me, or is this guy's arm as big around as his head?
Posted By: Radiant_Phoenix (5/1/2013 7:57:03 PM)


For additional fun: Angelic Chorus, Captain of the Mists, Court Street Denizen, Auriok Champion, and last but not least: Vigilante Justice.
Posted By: The_Hittite (5/7/2013 7:38:12 PM)


Oh hey there faceless butcher...did you get that michael jackson disease?
Posted By: patronofthesound (5/21/2013 9:05:43 AM)


This plus Strionic Resonator will equal a fun time in Standard :) Two Oblivion Rings for the price of one!
Posted By: Lord_Skoonie (7/13/2013 12:37:35 PM)


What's that? You mean I can just keep looping the same Fiend Hunters for the infinite lulz? And I can bounce it to trigger things like Champion or random Ravnica abilities that involve creature-summoning? Or all those lovely M14 healing cards? The hell you say? *Bender-esque chuckle*
Posted By: SWFTWLF (9/6/2013 2:57:10 PM)


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