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The fact that humans die and suffer a lot in Innistrad is somewhat softened by the flavor texts of the block's cards. I just love the humorous tone in them, and while humor is present in older and newer sets too, Innistrad will probably remain as my favourite set because of its humor and the fact it was when I really got into Magic. Somehow the whole disposable humans-feel reminds me of blowing up your whole battalion of Lemmings just for the heck of it.

The card feels a bit expensive but captures the feel of devils well. I would love to find some use for this in some wicked casual deck.
Posted By: AshToMoutHound (3/15/2013 11:48:02 AM)


I know, I know, there weren't enough rare slots for Vexing Devils to be in Tibalt's deck, but that's what should replace this card in my opinion. Still, the death effect is useful against Sorin's tokens.
Edit: Of course, playing against Sorin, these guys are usually the target of either Unmake or Fiend Hunter, soooo.......
Posted By: Goatllama (3/27/2013 6:56:30 PM)


There might be better options, but this plus deathtouch results in up to three enemy monster deaths?
Posted By: Fawxkitteh (6/6/2013 12:10:08 PM)


Hey this uncommon can trade with a titan, or even become a 4 for 1 in the luckiest situations.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (7/23/2013 12:10:15 AM)


Goatllama, your comment changed my mind on this card. :P From negative to just barely slightly positive. :/

Tibalt DOES need a Wrath in his deck for all them tokens, and this is so Devil-y flavored. :P
I wish they'd tried harder to put only the best Devils or Hell-related cards in Tibalt's deck, but they gave us 1 Hellrider and 1 Devil's Play, so that gives them just enough good faith credit with me to get away with this, if there's an actual Design reason.

Which you discoverd.
Posted By: DarthParallax (3/20/2013 2:31:16 PM)


It's a bad Flayer of the Hatebound. It's also a very well-executed card (flavor fits the mechanics very well and Erica Yang's devil art is probably the best in the block), if somewhat underpowered.
Posted By: Lash_of_Dragonbreath (7/20/2013 1:48:17 PM)